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HOW TO | Wear a Waistcoat


HOW TO | Wear a Waistcoat Waistcoats aren’t difficult to wear, but there are a few dos and don’ts that you should bear in mind.  Men’s style is becoming increasingly relaxed and laid-back. Corporate attire is becoming less important, startups are switching to ‘business-casual’ dress codes and there are increasingly fewer occasions that require formal…

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HOW TO | Pack for a Summer Weekend Getaway


HOW TO | Pack for a Summer Weekend Getaway There is a common misconception that dressing for summer means sloppier fashion – but we don’t agree! Summer doesn’t have to equate to board shorts, singlets and thongs – in fact, your summer wardrobe can be your trendiest yet! Here’s how to pack for a summer…

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HOW TO | Embrace Sustainable Fashion


HOW TO | Embrace Sustainable Fashion With thousands of tonnes of clothing sent to landfill each year, the world of fashion has a significant impact on the environment. Did you know that dying garments different colours (to match fashionable colours) is the second biggest polluter of water on a global scale? It dumps inks, bleaches,…

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Should You Buy or Hire a Suit?

There are several occasions in life that will require the wear of a good suit. As such, many people often find themselves facing a difficult, yet crucial decision on whether or not to buy their suit, or hire their suit. Well, should you buy a suit, or should you hire one? Here are some reasons…

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