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HOW TO | Embrace Sustainable Fashion

HOW TO | Embrace Sustainable Fashion With thousands of tonnes of clothing sent to landfill each year, the world of...

What to Wear to a Wedding Reception

Finding the perfect cool, sophisticated and stylish wedding reception outfit can be difficult, especially if there’s a strict theme or...

MUST HAVES | A Simple Black Shirt

Do you think of a black T-shirt as basic? Maybe even boring? It doesn’t have to be! When you find...
HOW TO | Dress Appropriately for a Wedding Reception-blog

Wedding Suit Accessory Guide

Once you have found your perfect wedding suit to buy or hire, check out this wedding suit accessory guide because it’s time...

Should You Buy or Hire a Suit?

There are several occasions in life that will require the wear of a good suit. As such, many people often...

Wedding Suits: Buy or Hire?

When planning your wedding, there's always the age old dilemma: should you buy or hire your wedding suit? At Black Jacket Suiting, we offer...
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What is a Lounge Suit?

Dress codes are confusing. And much to everyone’s annoyance, the people who set dress standards often have zero idea what...
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How to wear a hired suit: necktie or bow tie style

Ever since Doctor Who exclaimed “bow ties are cool”, the old fashioned and previously mocked bow tie has leapt back...

Wedding Suits to Suit your Style

Do you keep getting invited to the same type of wedding over and over again, or are you struggling to...