HOW TO | Style a Blazer

The blazer is a classic that every man should own, but how do you wear it? Read ahead on how to style one blazer in three different ways.


(1)  Dress it Up

A blazer is similar to a suit jacket, but it obviously comes without suit trousers. Therefore, it gives you the chance to rock ‘separate’. Pair a navy blazer with stone-coloured chinos, completing the look with a pair of formal oxford shoes.

(2)  Layer it

Use a lighter weight blazer as a secondary layer. Layer it under a coat in the cooler months for a smart casual outfit. For an even more casual look, replace a shirt with a sweater under the blazer for an even warmer alternative. 

(3)   Lose the Shirt

Last but not least ditching the shirt and replacing it with either a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a sweatshirt or a roll neck helps you dress the blazer down. It’s comfortable, it’s effortless and goes against the normality of dressing it up with a shirt and tie.

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HOW TO | Instantly Improve Your Style

Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix. We all want to look better quickly, we all want instant gratification and more importantly we want immediate results. Read ahead for our tips on how to instantly improve your style.


1. Get Your Clothing Tailored

The simplest trick: focus on the fit. For example, take loose, baggy jeans to the tailors and make them a lot slimmer. Make sure the length is fine, the break is perfect on your shoe, and that the waist is fitting perfectly. All of these finer adjustments don’t cost a lot of money, but they have a huge impact on how you look. So instead of going and wasting money on new clothing, take your clothing that you already own and get it tailored. Just by changing the way your clothes fit, it will have a dramatic impact on how good you look.

2. Dress Up More

Dress a little smarter. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to go straight out for the suit and completely shock everyone, instead, simply slightly increase how formal your outfit is. Replace your jeans and t-shirt with tailored jeans (taking advice from the first point), a nice buttoned-down shirt and a nice pair of dress shoes. Automatically your style increases but at the same time, you’re not overdoing it.

3. Wear Dress Shoes

Focus on your choice of footwear, switching out sneakers for a good pair of dress shoes. The change that your outfit will have just by wearing some good shoes is huge. If you wear some battered-up sneakers every single day and instead you switched them out for a Brogue or a Double Monk-Strap shoe it’s going to dramatically improve your style.

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HOW TO | Use Online Shopping Effectively

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can now window shop from the comfort of our own home, which often results in a wish list as long as our arm! Social media further encourages this, with constant sharing of lusted items with friends and followers. Read ahead on how to use online shopping effectively. 


Online Shopping Made Easy:

As well as being able to aimlessly browse through items that we may or may not want, the internet makes it really easy to actually buy items that we really want. When you do go to a website that you know stocks items that you like, you’ll usually find they have categories and different sections to break down everything that they have for sale. This makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Shopping Inspiration:

We’ve all been there – knowing that we need to buy someone a gift, but not having a clue what to actually buy them. Rather than spending hours of your day walking from store to store, looking up internet gift guides is much more sensible. Often you’ll find that gift guides are broken down into different types of gifts, which makes looking for what you need much easier. When special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Christmas are approaching these type of gift guides start to become more popular. By browsing these you can see what is popular and on trend for that season, as well as getting some ideas and inspiration on what you need to buy.

Getting What You Need Without a Fuss:

Without a doubt, online shopping has become something that is part of our everyday lives. We know that if we see something online, we can get it easily and without a fuss. Don’t forget it is also worth looking up voucher codes and discounts online before you complete your check out. A quick Google search will often result in a discount code that will help make your online shopping experience just a bit sweeter (and cheaper).

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MUST HAVES | Accessories Every Man Should Own

A stylish man knows that it’s all about the finer details and wearing accessories can really add detailing to any outfit. You could be wearing a navy suit and a white shirt and at the same time the guy next to you might be wearing a navy suit and a white shirt. The only way that’s going to make your outfit different from his is the accessories that you choose. Read ahead on our top accessories that every man should own.


(1)  Watch

The first one is a good watch. From a metal watch to a leather dress watch the choices are endless, but the one important thing is that you need to have at least one watch in your wardrobe. Wearing a good watch can make a subtle statement. A good watch can lead to compliments alongside starting conversations.

(2)  Pocket Square

A pocket square is a good way of adding colour or adding print and even a different fabric to a blazer or to a suit jacket. Typically, the suit jacket or the blazer that you’re going to wear is going to be plain. From a classic Navy blazer to a Charcoal Grey suit jacket, a pocket square can inject some colour when needed.

(3)  Leather Bag

Don’t ignore the importance of a good bag. Invest in a really well-made leather bag, which is going to look very elegant and it’s also going to be very practical. Don’t stuff your pockets or turn to the nearest canvas rucksack, invest in a good leather bag and it will make any outfit more elegant.

(4)  Sunglasses

Invest in quality, don’t just invest in the brand. This will keep your eyes protected from the sun, and also ensure that you don’t have to keep buying new sunglasses every season.

(5)  Wallet

If you’re buying someone a drink and you pull out your fabric Spiderman wallet, it’s not going to go down very well. So invest in a good leather wallet. Again, focus on quality and you’ll be able to keep the same wallet for years to come. Further, with card being more prominent for transactions now, a cardholder is more slimline but it still looks stylish.

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HOW TO | Add Colour to Your Wardrobe

As cool and dependable as they are, you can’t always wear black and white clothing. Although many of us throw on a black pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black pair of shoes when we rush out the door, there are other ways to dress simply but still with a bit of spark and liveliness. Read ahead and add some easy colour to your wardrobe.


Go Big with Accessories:

Perhaps you can’t part with your black and white wardrobe just yet, well, how about some small steps first? The easiest way to pop some colour into your appearance is to use bold accessories that can add a bit of punch. Whilst we probably wouldn’t recommend anything too neon or garish, something with subtle touches of colour always looks great with common shades. Colour on watches can be rather hit or miss, but a light brown or dark green leather strap can look really beautiful and eye-catching.

Be Bold with Loud Sneakers:

Although these might not be to everyone’s taste, the idea of giving your wardrobe an injection of colour via sneakers is something we are on board with. If you want to make an announcement with your bright new wardrobe, then opting for some colourful footwear can make an impact.

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MUST HAVES | Summer Suitcase Essentials

Summer is fast approaching and the countdown to your sun-filled holiday is getting closer and closer. Stay stylish on your getaway and make sure you don't forget anything. Read ahead on all essentials you need in your suitcase for your adventure in the sun.


Modern Sunglasses:

If you remember to pack only one thing for your holiday, it’s got to be a modern pair of sunglasses. As well as shielding your sensitive, hungover eyes from the blazing sun, they’ll also instantly add a fashionable edge to any ensemble.

Versatile Footwear:

With a strict baggage weight limit to adhere to, you can’t afford to bring your entire footwear collection with you. To stay stylish and comfortable throughout your holiday, you need to find the perfect pair of versatile shoes. Classic white sneakers are the way to go. They’ll work for every occasion, from heading to the beach to hitting a local nightclub.

Fresh Summer Fragrance:

As you enjoy a hot day of sightseeing or a clammy evening out on the town, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your deodorant is fulfilling its duty to keep you fresh. Find yourself a long-lasting, delicious new signature scent for your holiday. 

The Suitcase Itself:

Last but not least, you need a sleek and modern suitcase for hitting the airport and surviving the dreaded check-in queues in style. Stick to one colour and simple shapes for a fashionable look.

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HOW TO | Avoid Shopping Mistakes

From buying too much clothing to wasting money away on flashy brands, read ahead on how to avoid the common shopping mistakes.


Shopping with No List:

If you’ve ever shopped with a shopping list before, you probably know that you’ll normally buy things that you don’t necessarily need. You’re overbuying, and in return you’re spending more money than you need too. It’s exactly the same when you’re buying yourself some clothing. Go shopping with a shopping list. What is it that you need? Write yourself a very specific shopping list so that when you actually go shopping, you know exactly what you need to be getting.

Choosing Brand over Quality:

This is a mistake I see a lot of men make. They’ll typically go to the premium stores and they’ll buy something just because of the logo on the shirt. Don’t choose brand over quality. When you’re shopping in person in particular, you want to really check out the quality of the garments. Give it a quality check. Is it good fabric? Is the stitching good? Is it made well? Is it manufactured well? A good quality garment will last you for years.

Sale Frenzy:

A lot of men see that a sale is on and buy as many items as they possibly can. It’s the same as what’s called impulse buying. You’ll see a shirt that you like, you’ll buy it, you’ll wear it a few times and then you’ll hoard it away in your wardrobe. Don’t buy something because it’s cheap and don’t buy something just because you like the look of it. Only buy things that you necessarily need.

Avoiding the Changing Rooms:

We all know that fit is the number one principle when it comes to improving your style, so making sure that you’re trying the items on before you purchase them is a very, very good thing to do. I know it’s a pain and I know sometimes you haven’t got the time, but don’t buy something without trying it on first. Trying on different sizes and trying on different items will help you decide whether or not you should exchange your hard-earned cash for the item. It will take you more time buying something, trying it on at home and having to exchange it.


HOW TO | Dress Better Today

If I had to improve my style today, what would I do? Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix. We all want to look better quickly, we all want instant gratification and more importantly we want immediate results. So what would I do if I started all over again? Read ahead for four things you can do today to dress better.


(1)  Get Your Clothing Tailored

For an immediate impact on the way you dress, focus on the fit. You already have clothing in your wardrobe and you probably don’t have the time to go out and spend money on new clothing, so take some of the items in your wardrobe that you wear that are still stylish and take them to a tailor. Focus on small changes like making your pants the correct length and making sure the waist fits perfectly.

(2)  Dress Up More

Dress up a bit smarter to make an impression. Instead of your typical baggy jeans and t-shirt, opt for a tailored pair of jeans, a nice button-down shirt and dress shoes. Your style automatically increases without overdoing it.

(3)  Wear Dress Shoes

Focus on your footwear choice and switch out sneakers for a good dress shoe. The change that your outfit will have just by wearing some good shoes is huge. If you wear some old sneakers every single day and instead switched them out for a Brogue or a Double Monk-Strap shoe it’s going to dramatically improve your style.

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HOW TO | Save Time on Your Hairstyle

As men, we pay more attention to our hairstyle than we make out. A quick Google or YouTube search will show you, men’s hairstyle content is in high demand. But with a huge need to make our hairstyle look faultless, we too often face a battle with time. We all want stylish hair without having to spend countless hours in front of the mirror. Read ahead on how to have good hair in less time.


(1)  The Haircut

This is obvious, but often overlooked by most men. Choosing a good haircut is the first step to saving time on your hair every morning. A good haircut is all about looking stylish whilst being manageable. A lot of men choose a hairstyle that they like and admire to have without thinking about their lifestyle.

(2)  Pre-Styling

A blow dryer will become your best friend to speed up your hair-styling process. Blow-dry damp hair, not wet. If you blow-dry from wet hair, it’s obviously going to take you more time, so towel drying your hair first before blow-drying worth trying. Use a good pre-styling product and try out a few to see what suits your hairstyle. It is also recommended to not wash your hair daily to help retain natural oils and make styling easier.

(3)  Choosing the Right Product

There’s a lot of products on the market, so finding one that suits your hairstyle is important. All in all, you don’t want a product that’s going to weigh your hair down or a product that makes it look perfect before you leave the door but then lose the hold as soon as soon as you leave the house. Again, the product to use depends on your hair and hairstyle so try a few to see what works for you.

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HOW TO | Save Your Money on Clothing

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is shop smarter. Read ahead for four items of clothing that you can save your money on.


1. The T-Shirt

Invest in quality and versatility, by going for basic colour-ways and avoiding brands. Pay attention to the quality though, investing in good cottons and good production and you’ll find the t-shirt will still look good for years to come.

2. Socks & Underwear

Although socks and underwear do serve a purpose when it comes to dressing well, overspending isn’t needed. Don’t neglect the importance of socks by wearing those off white athletic socks you wear to the gym but keep it simple with merino wool and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour.

3. Accessories

Accessories serve the purpose of adding individual touches to an outfit. They’re used to enhance an outfit, not to make it. Therefore, you’ll want a few accessories in your wardrobe so you can individualise any outfit. Take a tie for example, you could spend $150 on one tie and wear it over and over again. Or you can buy 3 ties, 3 pocket squares, a tie clip and a scarf for $150. What option gives you more? Focusing on quality is important when it comes to buying accessories but don’t be afraid to spend less but buy more.

4. Loungewear

Cut back the costs on loungewear and instead invest in pieces worth the money. Loungewear should be comfortable and minimal, and focus on making an impression outside of the house, rather than inside it.