TREND | Christmas 2018 Present Ideas

If you’ve not yet been bombarded by Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ either in the office or walking past the shops, you’ve definitely have not been out enough. For ’tis the season, and with the multiplying tinsel comes growing anxieties over presents. In a world where shopping can happen at the click of a button, choosing a memorable gift for someone is harder said than done. But you also need to make time to consider what you want to see in your present sack this festive season. With that in mind, we’ve collated the finest festive gifts for men at every price point.


Your Favourite Aftershave:

Just make sure to spell out exactly what you want, leave the empty bottle laying around, send links if you have to, or risk getting a fragrance that smells more like rubbing alcohol. 

Wrist Bling:

It’s often thought that a watch is one of the few pieces of sparkly jewellery that men are allowed to actively seek out. Pick a style that best works for your lifestyle.

High-Quality Socks:

Not just a myth; well-made socks make getting up when it’s still dark out that much easier (on your cold feet, at least). Wool-cotton styles wear better and keep your feet warmer. Add a splash of colour under your suit trousers for a little added personality.

Premium Cotton T-shirts:

If there’s one thing every man needs more of, it’s basics. Washed a red sock with your white t-shirt? Ruined. Coffee spill in transit? In the bin. Sweat stains? Out. We’d suggest requesting a pack of six or more.

A Good Cookbook:

Because it’s the 21st century and if you haven’t yet cooked a meal that consists of more than toast you’ve got some catching up to do. We’d suggest one-pot options to start (a home cooked meal is still a home cooked meal) while you work up to more complex recipes (just hide that burnt pot after).

An Alarm Clock:

Early morning wake-ups make it even harder to crowbar yourself out from under the duvet. A wake-up light alarm clock mimics a real sunrise to coax your body into getting up and at ‘em while others are simply obnoxiously loud but get the job done.

Wall Art:

You’ve successfully moved out and you’ve managed to keep a plant alive. Now it’s time to decorate the walls. No, not with boughs of holly. With tasteful wall prints.

An Activity Tracker:

Looking to get fit in 2019? A fitness watch can be enough to motivate you (or shame you) into swapping the TV tray for the treadmill. Try not to take it as an insult, everyone is wearing them these days.


TREND | Your Ultimate Summer 2018 Style Guide

The weather is starting to heat up so it’s finally time to start looking forward to summer! Bringing in a new season only means one thing; a new wardrobe. It’s the perfect excuse to browse the latest trends and update your wardrobe with the latest styles for summer.

So, whether your personal style is throwing on a casual t-shirt and jeans, or you want to put in a little more effort this season, men’s summer style includes easy-to-wear designs, eye-catching prints and bold colours. Update your wardrobe this season.



T-shirts are an all-year-round choice, but in summer you get the opportunity to be a little more adventurous with your style. The weather could mean abandoning your jacket and showing off your latest t-shirts in all their glory, so make sure you’ve got some stylish ones hidden away in your wardrobe ready and waiting. Choose bold colours like blue, red or orange to brighten up for wardrobe for the summer season. Don’t forget to look for embellishments like block colour stripes, contrasting panels on the sleeves or features like curved hems to create a statement look while you’re out and about.

Denim Jackets:

Saying goodbye to your winter coat is a great feeling, but you need a summer alternative waiting in the wings. After all, a great jacket can create a strong look as well as keeping you warm in the cooler evenings. A summer must-have is the denim jacket, popular every summer season. Opt for something unique, such as an embroidered denim jacket or distressed elements. Bleached denim jackets stand out from the norm, while patterned designs such as camo continue to be a great choice in the sun.


You no doubt already have a few pairs of jeans in your drawer, which probably includes your favourite, go-to pair. Jeans are great all year round, but for summer you might want to consider the different styles available. Distressed or ripped knee jeans look particularly stylish in the summertime, providing some ventilation which could come in handy if you’re sat in the heat! 

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TREND | What to Look Out for this Summer 2018/2019

Now that summer is fast approaching, new styles are starting to emerge for men. Before you head on your shopping extravaganza, take a look at some of the following trends that are about to explode into fashion. Armed with this information, you really can supercharge your style this season.


Pink Is Making A Comeback:

It would be fair to say that pink is a shade which tends to go in phases. One year it might be completely out of fashion, but the next it can be the colour that every guy walking down the high street is donning. Over recent times, we have seen it make a comeback and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the vibrant hot pink isn’t quite on-trend right now. Instead, experts are suggesting that you turn to milder tones in the pastel variety. All of the big brands are buying into the pink fad right now, so jump on board.

Suits with Vertical Stripes:

This season, it’s all about suits with vertical stripes. This has been seen as something of an interesting development, as in other areas of the industry block colours are being turned to. The stripes are coming in all different widths; some will be more like a pinstripe pattern, while others will include thicker stripes.

Men in White:

Something else that is making a resurgence is the all-white appearance. In other words, you are dressed head-to-toe in white. Many would argue that this is a bold move; but it will certainly turn heads. You can even things off somewhat by relying on a pair of leather shoes, which will also make you appear a little smarter as well.

The Two-Pocket Factor:

Recent fashion shows have also suggested that the era of wearing two pockets on your top is making a comeback. Of course, there are different styles available within this. To keep things on the modern side, you should look to pockets that are a little more rounded or slouched. This can really make the difference and make it seem as though you really know what’s what when it comes to your summer style choices.



MUST HAVES | Summer Shorts

Summer is finally on the horizon so now is the time to start thinking about shorts. Read ahead for a few essential tips to help you make the right decisions when choosing shorts for this summer.


Patterned Or Plain:

Plain is probably safest but certainly not your only option. If you do opt for a print, go for lighter colours and avoid anything too unrefined. And remember that logos or brand names emblazoned all over a pair of shorts will only ever look cheap.

Smart And Casual:

A tailored style is always the best way to go. Something in a soft cotton with a turned-up hem is perfect for all occasions; a versatile piece that allows you to relax at the beach before going out that evening, without ever having to demonstrate anything less than the height of sophistication. The tailored short goes well with anything up top, from a t-shirt to a button-down– there is really no excuse to deviate from this classic.

If The Shoe Fits:

If you are going to get things right, you will need to make sure you complete everything with the correct footwear. With your legs as exposed as they are, a poor choice will stand out more than ever. Smarten up – there is plenty of choice from espadrilles to loafers, sandals to summer brogues, trainers and boat-shoes.

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HOW TO | Dress for a Spring Wedding

When dressing for a wedding, it’s all too easy for men to fall into the black suit, boring shirt/tie combo because, really, if you’re not prepared to put in the leg work it’s actually quite hard to find something decent. Read ahead on some alternative options to be best-dressed at any upcoming wedding. 


Firstly, try and think outside the box a little and incorporate some colour. Make a statement by opting for lighter shades instead of a plain black and dazzle the guests with a sharp shirt/tie colour combination or opt for an exciting print. But, as much as you want your outfit to be innovative your statement shouldn’t be too bold. The focus is on the bride after all. Pastel colours are extremely popular this coming season.

Now that spring is gracing us natural coloured suits work extremely well, especially in lighter fabrics. Navy is always a great choice – classic and elegant but a little lighter than black and much more flattering. If you’re really daring, then go for a pop of colour. I would recommend quite a deep tone, perhaps burgundy, and ensure you’re only making one statement in your outfit so balance it out with a more subtle shirt.

If you’ve gone for quite a neutral suit then you should definitely work some fashion magic on your shirt, tie and shoes. Mixing a striped shirt with a dotted tie is a killer combination so long as you’re working with limited amounts of colour and neither prints are too large. Stripes on stripes are also a vibrant option but again, the same rules apply.

Shoes are also hugely important and often not thought about. So many times, a perfectly polished outfit ruined from lack of footwear thought. Make sure yours are smart and in line with the rest of your outfit, so don’t even think about wearing a black pair if you’ve opted for a navy suit! Oxfords and brogues are classic and timeless and always create a sophisticated look but try to find a pair that isn’t too bulky otherwise they’ll look a little dated. If you want something a bit more suave, then choose loafers with a slimmer toe but ensure you also opt for a fairly tailored trouser to keep the look fresh and modern.

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Attention to detailing is like the icing on the cake, it’s what separates a good look from perfect appearance. There’s various ways we can add more detailing to our look, but the most common way is through the use of accessories. In particular, with the timeless accessory: braces. Read ahead on how to style a pair.


Typically, braces are worn with formal attire. They’re normally used for function, but of course, we want to focus on wearing them for style. You’ll normally see guys wearing braces with suit trousers and a shirt, adding detailing to a formal look. But more recently, we’ve seen them utilised with casual attire being worn with polo shirts and sometimes even a basic tee. Braces add individualism and uniqueness. Check out some inspiration images below.


MUST HAVES | Desert Boots

The humble desert boot continues to reappear season after season due to their comfort and easy style. A perfectly versatile boot, they come in a variety of fabrications, including suede, leather and leafy crushed fabrics. You are also spoilt for choice in the colour department, with desert boots ranging from neutral browns, burgundy, navy, khaki and the classic black.


If you want to look great in desert boots but aren’t quite brave enough to wear them in a bright colour, try a brown pair with jeans and a striped crew neck. For those of you who are more adventurous, try the some burgundy desert boots with jeans in a stone wash and an oversized winter jumper.

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MUST HAVES | Tie Styles at Work

Working in a professional environment entails a particular dress code, and that means suits will become part of your everyday routine. This is a great opportunity to show off your business attire and look the part, no matter what industry you’re working in. If you’re required to wear a suit and tie as part of your job, it’s crucial that your fashion choices are right on point.

Men’s ties often include a huge range of choice, both in colour and pattern, making it difficult to find the right tie for the occasion. After all, a professional tie will no doubt look different to your weekend choices or if you were attending a wedding. Read ahead on the must have tie styles at work. 


Key Colours:

Your work suits are no doubt made up colours such as black, white, grey and navy. This means when it comes to choosing the colour of your tie, you should carefully consider what is going to add a great visual element to your outfit.

There are a few key colours that should definitely have a place in your work wardrobe. Firstly, a red tie is the ultimate professional style. Red is a powerful, bold colour that will demonstrate your authority with ease. Choose from a classic, ruby red or opt for a burgundy shade for a sophisticated edge to your appearance.

Blue is another staple colour for your work attire. A blue tie is easy to wear and always looks smart. Choose a light shade for the summer months and stick to navy for all other occasions. Navy ties have a timeless, versatile style that you simply can’t go wrong with.

Key Patterns:

Your choice of work tie doesn’t just stop at the colour. You should mix in a few patterns to create a contemporary collection of ties, ready for anything the office might throw at you.

Firstly, you should always make sure you have at least one solid colour tie. They are the easiest to match and will likely look the most professional; perfect for important business meetings. Make sure you choose a colour that will create an impact, such as red as discussed earlier.

A popular pattern to choose is striped. A classic choice, striped ties should sometimes be chosen with caution. If your shirt or suit is also striped in any way, you can still wear your striped tie! Just make sure the stripes are of a different thickness or even direction so that they don’t blend into each other. All of the colours incorporated should complement each other.

Similar to choosing a light colour, certain patterns can also liven up your suit. Paisley print is popular for its subtler take on a floral tie, with an interesting pattern that can include many different shades. Remember that anything too bright or garish could have a negative impact on your professional appearance, so perhaps consider a tonal style with similar shades of the same colour.

Polka dots or pin dots are another way of adding some extra visual appeal to your suit. After all, your tie is the focal point of your suit, so you may as well add some texture and contrast to your outfit.

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HOW TO | Style a Blazer

The blazer is a classic that every man should own, but how do you wear it? Read ahead on how to style one blazer in three different ways.


(1)  Dress it Up

A blazer is similar to a suit jacket, but it obviously comes without suit trousers. Therefore, it gives you the chance to rock ‘separate’. Pair a navy blazer with stone-coloured chinos, completing the look with a pair of formal oxford shoes.

(2)  Layer it

Use a lighter weight blazer as a secondary layer. Layer it under a coat in the cooler months for a smart casual outfit. For an even more casual look, replace a shirt with a sweater under the blazer for an even warmer alternative. 

(3)   Lose the Shirt

Last but not least ditching the shirt and replacing it with either a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a sweatshirt or a roll neck helps you dress the blazer down. It’s comfortable, it’s effortless and goes against the normality of dressing it up with a shirt and tie.

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HOW TO | Instantly Improve Your Style

Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix. We all want to look better quickly, we all want instant gratification and more importantly we want immediate results. Read ahead for our tips on how to instantly improve your style.


1. Get Your Clothing Tailored

The simplest trick: focus on the fit. For example, take loose, baggy jeans to the tailors and make them a lot slimmer. Make sure the length is fine, the break is perfect on your shoe, and that the waist is fitting perfectly. All of these finer adjustments don’t cost a lot of money, but they have a huge impact on how you look. So instead of going and wasting money on new clothing, take your clothing that you already own and get it tailored. Just by changing the way your clothes fit, it will have a dramatic impact on how good you look.

2. Dress Up More

Dress a little smarter. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to go straight out for the suit and completely shock everyone, instead, simply slightly increase how formal your outfit is. Replace your jeans and t-shirt with tailored jeans (taking advice from the first point), a nice buttoned-down shirt and a nice pair of dress shoes. Automatically your style increases but at the same time, you’re not overdoing it.

3. Wear Dress Shoes

Focus on your choice of footwear, switching out sneakers for a good pair of dress shoes. The change that your outfit will have just by wearing some good shoes is huge. If you wear some battered-up sneakers every single day and instead you switched them out for a Brogue or a Double Monk-Strap shoe it’s going to dramatically improve your style.

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