HOW TO | Save Your Money on Clothing

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is shop smarter. Read ahead for four items of clothing that you can save your money on.


1. The T-Shirt

Invest in quality and versatility, by going for basic colour-ways and avoiding brands. Pay attention to the quality though, investing in good cottons and good production and you’ll find the t-shirt will still look good for years to come.

2. Socks & Underwear

Although socks and underwear do serve a purpose when it comes to dressing well, overspending isn’t needed. Don’t neglect the importance of socks by wearing those off white athletic socks you wear to the gym but keep it simple with merino wool and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour.

3. Accessories

Accessories serve the purpose of adding individual touches to an outfit. They’re used to enhance an outfit, not to make it. Therefore, you’ll want a few accessories in your wardrobe so you can individualise any outfit. Take a tie for example, you could spend $150 on one tie and wear it over and over again. Or you can buy 3 ties, 3 pocket squares, a tie clip and a scarf for $150. What option gives you more? Focusing on quality is important when it comes to buying accessories but don’t be afraid to spend less but buy more.

4. Loungewear

Cut back the costs on loungewear and instead invest in pieces worth the money. Loungewear should be comfortable and minimal, and focus on making an impression outside of the house, rather than inside it. 



MUST HAVES | Easy Styling Tips for White Shirts

The white shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe, but how do you style it? Obviously, donning a suit with the white shirt is the most common outfit but the versatility of the white shirt means you can dress it up and dress it down. Read ahead to discover seven alternative ways to style the white shirt.


1. The Suave Look

Dressing it up for work. You don’t want to overwhelm your colleagues, but you definitely want to be the one of the best dressed men at work. Opt for a classic, crisp, slim fit white oxford shirt with slim-fit black pants and a slim patterned tie in maroon or silver. Throw in personalised cufflinks for a little bit of panache and dark brogue shoes.

2. The Attractive Look

A hot date lined up, you want to play it cool and yet look attractive - try a white classic collar shirt, rolled up sleeves tucked into a pair of straight cut denims, a blazer and boots.

3. The No-nonsense Business Look

The very James Bond Look - dark grey suit, teamed with a white french-cuff dress shirt, charcoal wool tie, black derby shoes and a white pocket square. The epitome of a quintessential man.

4. The Sporty Look

Jeans, short-sleeved shirt and a sports jacket teamed with a pair of trainers and a sporty watch and you’re ready for a boy’s day at the Super Bowl.

5. The Laidback yet Hip Look

Khaki or beige Chinos, teamed with rolled- up sleeves Linen shirt in white, or a cotton white shirt with a self-embossed pattern on it and boat shoes.

6. The Beachboy Look

Short-sleeved mandarin collared or a button-down collar white Linen shirt teamed with navy or dark brown shorts and brown espadrilles. Accessorise with a smart watch and a pair of aviators.

7. All Formal Look

Go three-way – A three-piece black suit, teamed with a white french cuff shirt, light blue tie, white polka dot pocket square, dark brown belt and black derby shoes with a vintage Rolex.

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TREND | 2018 Hairstyles

Men’s hair trends are booming, with endless possibilities and more variation on the catwalk than ever before. No matter what texture, colour or hair type you have, there is most definitely a number of options for you.


The Textured Top Hairstyle:

The textured top hairstyle is a fresh look that works for a wide range of hair types. The most popular hair types for this style tend to be coarse hair with plenty of body, fine hair but plenty of it and natural curls. This style is better suited to men who already have quite textured locks.

In terms of the cut, the key with this hairstyle is to have the top looking effortless as the top will often style itself with little to no work. The length on top should be even, with no real length on the fringe. Partner the textured top style with a high fade, a short back and side or even a severe undercut. Speak with your Barber in terms of the cut, and don’t be afraid to show them photos for inspiration.

The Buzzcut:

This became increasing popular hairstyle is easy for any man to manage with virtually no grooming necessary! However, this style isn’t for everyone, the buzz cut tends to work better with men who have a rather angular face.
Men with wide set jaw lines – seem to carry this classic, minimal style really well.

Have a good chat with your barber before you commit, they should be able to offer you options on the optimum length that will suit you best. Another key thing to remember about this cut is with it being so short – the edges and finishing touches are probably more important here than ever before here.

Sweep & High Fade Haircut:

Fairly similar to the textured top but with a lot more length. The high ‘short back and sides’ are back with an absolute vengeance after Tommy Shelby and his brothers made every man want to be them and every woman want to be with them.

This sleek style is a playful mixture of the longer – ‘heart throb, I just run my hands through my hair’ look paired with the defining contrast of a high fade. Depending on your hair type this style can be low maintenance. The most idealistic hair would be medium thickness and either straight or wavy as this type of hair tends to have a natural tendency to stay in place due to its weight. However, if your hair is curly or a little fine then this style is still possible for you with the right cut and the right products.

The Pomp Hairstyle:

Almost a happy medium between the sweep back top and a textured quiff. This contemporary favourite has become pretty timeless. The most popular cut for a Pompadour hair cut this year seems to be again with a fade – yes, those iconic short back and sides are back for more.
However, you can even work this style with a slightly longer textured top and even a medium length style with no fade at all – this is probably one of the most versatile hair trends this year that works with a range of styles and lengths.

When styling this look you want to sweep your hair in the natural direction that it tends to want to fall, that way you’ll achieve more of an effortless shape. Use a hair dryer to aid the hair to fall right and set with a good hairspray or a wax – depending on whether you want effortless or super sleek. Work the product in bit by bit to avoid over doing it.



MUST HAVES | Skin Care Routine

Looking after your skin is not just for the ladies. Despite our busy schedules, improving our skin and the way we age doesn’t have to be a big time commitment. Read ahead for our tips on how to look after your skin.


1. Cleanse & Moisturise

Cleansing your skin will remove the dirt accumulated throughout the day, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. By the way, cleanse is just a fancy way of saying wash your face with face wash. A moisturiser will soften the skin and also help freshen it up so combining the two go hand in hand. This is where the anti-ageing magic kicks in, and also the glowing skin you’re looking for. For each, just use a small amount as too much product can sometimes be more damaging. A pea sized amount is normally a good place to start for the moisturiser, and the size of a 50 pence piece for the face wash..

2. Implement It Into Your Daily Routine

One of the most common reasons why we as men don’t have a skincare regime in place is because of time. But there’s no excuse if you simply implement it into your current routine. The best way to build a habit is to attach it to another habit you’ve already established. Now I’m guessing you brush your teeth morning and night? Attach this simple skincare regime to that habit, so now every time you clean your teeth you apply a face wash and then moisturiser. It’s going to add 60 seconds to your existing routine but it’s going to make a huge difference. If you only want to use the face wash once a day, then apply it every time you shower or wash (again something you should already be doing daily).

3. Remember Why

“I can’t be bothered” is a common response to the question of why we don’t look after our skin as men. But again, not bothering now can lead to regret later on in life when you’re told you look older than you are.

Motivation to do something always comes from remembering why we’re doing it. Why we’re making it a priority. It’s almost like tricking yourself into looking after your skin daily.

The next time your mind says “I can’t be bothered” remind it of these benefits…

– It will help you age better.
– It will make you look less tired.
– It increases your attractiveness.
– And you’ll be a good example for your children.

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HOW TO | Wear a Suit Properly

The suit really is the be-all and end-all of style. It’s something every man should own, and it’s something that instantly makes you look and feel better. Even if you’re the definition of ‘I’m not really a suit guy’, there will be occasions (weddings, job interviews, events and more) where you’ll be required to wear a suit. Read our rules that you should follow when wearing a suit.


1. Unfasten The Bottom Button On Your Blazer

When wearing a two-button blazer, you should always unfasten the bottom button on the jacket. This offers a better silhouette and doesn’t restrict your movement. On a three-button suit either button just the middle button or the top two.

2. Don’t Let The Fit Let You Down

Fit again really is key to pulling off a suit. Remember, if you buy an ‘off the rack’ suit you can get it altered to fit as it should. Here are some things to consider…

Shoulders – The blazer should sit flat on your shoulder and the top of the shoulder on the jacket should be the same length as the bone underneath it.

The Trouser Break – This is up to personal preference but a general rule is the trouser cuff should fall neatly at the top of your shoe. The trouser will often fall a little bit longer at the back then at the front, and there shouldn’t be any loose fabric bunching up at the bottom.

The Mid Section – The jacket should be brought in slightly roughly at the waist to better complement your shape, and this isn’t a difficult adjustment. When buttoning the blazer it should close without creating strain, and again there shouldn’t be any loose or scrunching of fabric around your midline.

The Sleeve Length – More on this in a minute, but the jacket sleeves should show half an inch of shirt cuff. They’re too long if the pass your shirt, and they’re too short if the show more than an inch of cuff.

3. Match Your Leathers

A simple rule but one a lot of guys forget to apply. If you’re opting for a brown pair of shoes, go for a brown belt to match. The colour grade doesn’t have to match perfectly but avoid the black belt and brown shoes combination. Opt for a thin belt over a large one, and make sure the buckle is understated but classy.

4. Unbutton Your Suit Before Sitting Down

When sitting, unfasten the buttons on your blazer. When standing up again, fasten them as you should.

5. Expose Your Sleeve Cuffs Half An Inch

Often overlooked, this small detail can make a huge impact. It’s a minor adjustment to alter the sleeve lengths on your jacket and you’ll want them to expose half an inch of shirtsleeve. When letting your hands rest down at your side your shirtsleeve should finish at your wrist, not fall over your hand.

6. On A New Suit, Remove Stitching On The Vents

When buying a new suit you’ll tend to find the vents at the back (if you have them) are stitched up, alongside the pockets. Gently using a pair of scissors remove the stitching before wearing the suit.

7. Don’t Stuff Your Pockets

If your trousers fit as they should, you’ll often find they offer a slimming appearance. Therefore, stuffing your pockets with a phone, a wallet, gum and car keys will have a negative effect on your overall appearance. Store them in your coat pockets or store the items evenly in the inside pockets of your blazer.

8. Polish Your Shoes

It sounds simple but forgetting to polish your shoes is a schoolboy error. It doesn’t take long, and it will help maintain the investment of a good pair of shoes.

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HOW TO | Tie a Windsor Knot

The Windsor, also known as the Double Windsor or the Full Windsor (we know, confusing stuff), is probably the second most common way to tie a tie after the four-in-hand (the one your Dad tried to show you in that designated father/son time you had to go through as an awkward blackhead-laden teen). The knot sits wide against your collar and should be a perfectly symmetrical triangle. Take your tie game up a notch.


Step One:

Hold the tie around your collar with the wide end on the right and the skinny end on the left. Leave the skinny side short because you’ll need the extra length for the knot. Lift the wide end over the skinny end, only moving the wide end as you do this.


Step Two:

Pull the wide end up through the neck loop from underneath and then pull it back to the left.


Step Three:

Then pull it around the skinny end to the right but lifting it up, over and through the neck loop and back down to the right over the top.


Step Four:

Move the wide end across the front to the left and then up into the neck loop from underneath.


Step Five:

Breathe out. You’re nearly there. Bring the wide end down through the loop you’ve created in the front and tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Then it’s just a matter of sliding the knot up and adjusting according to the size and tightness you want.


MUST HAVES | 21 Habits of a Stylish Man

When being stylish is something you do effortlessly, it means you have reached a level of mastery. But what are the habits that stylish men adhere too? Read ahead on 21 habits of a stylish man.


1.       They’re confident in what they wear.

2.       Everything he wears fits.

3.       He knows his tailors name.

4.       He knows less is more.

5.       They’re not afraid to spend money on quality.

6.       They’re not obsessed with brands.

7.       He has a wardrobe built around his lifestyle.

8.       His wardrobe is organised.

9.       They don’t brag about how good they look.

10.    They don’t dish out the style advice.

11.    They don’t plan ahead.

12.    They know their barber.

13.    They look after their clothes.

14.    They pay attention to the finer details.

15.    Workout clothes stay at the gym.

16.    They know their measurements.

17.    They know the rules (but aren’t afraid to break them).

18.    They have a grooming routine.

19.    They clear out unused/unworn clothes.

20.    They have mastered their signature scent.

21.    They know it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. 



TREND | Braces

An old school necessity, braces have returned to their former glory and are making their way back to the men’s fashion arena. So now the only question remains, how does one wear braces?


Throwback to the 20th Century: 

If images from the early 1900s are to be believed, pants threatened to go flying off a man’s person at a moment’s notice and needed to be firmly secured in place. Now, however, most pants are designed to hug one’s waistline snugly, forgoing the need for braces or belts. This hasn’t stopped the return of the braces, though, as gents everywhere embrace this time-tested accessory in a myriad of increasingly dashing ensembles.

Brace Yourself, Style is Coming:

Whether with a dark minimalistic suit, or jeans and a polka dot shirt, braces can complement a wide range of different ensembles whilst adding a flair of class and sophistication to almost any look. Most people when they envision braces or suspenders, see them going with a businessman in a suit, but this look is not restricted to corporate types alone.

Nail that smart casual look and rock the classic blue jeans and white long sleeved top whilst sporting some skinny styled braces. Dial up the dapper a notch and pair your braces with a bowtie and shirt for a quirkier look. Leather braces are also a great opportunity for you to match your other accessories, such as shoes, watch band or even a satchel.


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MUST HAVES | Sneaker Styles

If the past few years in menswear have proved anything, it’s that kicks are key. With the overarching instinct in menswear now being to loosen up, trainers are increasingly seen as acceptable, if not preferable, alternatives to ‘smarter’ footwear styles like Oxfords and loafers. These are the three kicks that’ll cover all your bases.