HOW TO | Care For Your Fabric

Fabric. The often overlooked, undervalued, yet extremely significant component of a suit and any piece of clothing in general. Every type of material comes with its own specific care method, which may seem complicated and overwhelming, but rest assured that putting in a little effort now will ensure that all your favourite garments last for years. Keep reading to learn about caring for the most common types of fabrics. And if all else fails, give it to your Mum.



The go-to fabric for warmth, wool suits are a winter necessity and are very long-lasting and resilient to wear and tear. It is preferable to dry clean any woollen garments, and minimise washing as it shortens its life. Wool should never be placed in the dryer, as it is prone to shrinkage. Try to curtail the amount of dry-cleaning trips per year, as this will only expose your suit to a myriad of harsh chemicals that will eventually take its toll on the garment. Our best-kept secret- use a garment steamer to not only steam out any wrinkles, but to also deodorise your suit. Hang it in up on a sturdy wooden hanger to maintain its shape between wears and your trusty suit of armour will last for years.



Unlike a tumultuous relationship or your supposed dream job, a cashmere clothing item will never leave you feeling regretful or disappointed with your life decisions. Often associated with luxury and high-class, cashmere should be treated with utmost care and either be gently hand washed or dry-cleaned. Never place it in the dryer and instead, lay it flat and allow it to air dry naturally.



Polyester is the misunderstood bad boy in the class. Always receiving a bad rap for its synthetic nature and lack of breathability, this underdog should not be underestimated. Strong and crease-resistant, polyester keeps its shape well and is incredibly easy to wash. Simply pop it in the washing machine and dry it off and you’re good to go. Most of the time, polyester garments do not require ironing either- win!


Lightweight and breathable, linen is the perfect summer fabric, however its easily wrinkled nature means that special consideration must be given to its maintenance. Growing softer and more lustrous with age, hand wash linen items in lukewarm or cold water. To reduce creasing, hang the garment on a hanger or lay it flat to dry, which means that you can avoid ironing as well.


Just like hopping into a freshly made bed, cotton is the ultimate saviour known for its softness and comfort. With its superpower ability to ‘breathe’ by absorbing and releasing perspiration quickly, this high quality fabric can withstand heat and last for years. Cotton is very low maintenance and can be washed in a standard wash in your washing machine and dryer, but care must be taken when ironing to avoid wrinkles and staining.