HOW TO| Pack For a Summer Weekend Getaway

As the temperature continues to drop, we cannot help but long for days lounging on the beach with a beer and great company. Introducing part two of our packing guides for weekend getaways, this time focusing on summer, heat and all-round good times. Whether you are dreaming of summer’s return or are lucky enough to escape the brutal winter and party on the Greek islands, this guide is for you.

There is a common misconception that warmer weather means sloppier dressing, but do not let that fool you. Leave the board shorts, low-armhole singlets and thongs by the poolside and make your summer weekend getaway your trendiest yet.


When dressing in summer, fabric is everything. Choosing cool, lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton ensures that you can still look stylish without looking like you bathed in your own perspiration. A cotton chambray shirt, with sleeves rolled to the elbows, is the perfect combination of trendy, without looking like you tried too hard. A summer wardrobe is not complete without a white linen shirt, worn effortlessly during the day at the beach or dressed up at night with a pair of chinos and loafers. If you scorn at the thought of wearing long sleeves during the heat, go for short sleeve shirts in a range of colours and patterns. Polo shirts also make a nice addition to a casual day travelling wardrobe.


Before we elaborate on the necessary summer bottoms for your trip, a clarification must be made. Board shorts, no matter how comfortable or multi-purpose you think they are, are bathers and are not to be worn outside of the pool/beach. Instead, pack two pairs of shorts in neutral colours, such as navy and taupe, to mix and match with all your shirts. If you are feeling confident and can avoid any food spillage, a pair of crisp white chino shorts epitomises summer style and can be teamed with any of the aforementioned shirts. Whilst shorts should be sufficient for your holiday, pack a pack of full-length chinos if the night-time calls for a dressier occasion. Cuff the pants at the ankles to ooze a carefree, relaxed vibe.


Slipping into a pair of boat shoes or loafers is just as easy as a pair of thongs, yet boost your style credibility by tenfold. A simple leather pair of boat shoes in navy or brown will be your most worn pair of footwear and easily creates a well groomed but relaxed exterior. To avoid any blistering or awkward ankle sock situations, wear a pair of ‘invisible’ socks to keep you in utmost comfort all day long.


The ultimate accessory for a summer getaway is a pair of sunglasses. Go for a classic Wayfarer or aviator style to add a touch of cool to all your ensembles. Whilst hot weather results in limited experimentation with outfits and layering, distinguish your looks with a sophisticated watch and leather belts. Invest in a classic watch (within your personal budget) and it will transcend through the years. Packing a variety of 100% leather belts, specifically in black, tan and dark brown, means you will save on baggage space whilst adding another dimension and the finishing touch to all your outfits.