Traditionally shied away from due to its feminine undertones, finding the right bag for your lifestyle and personal style is a difficult yet extremely worthwhile mission in itself. Ultimately, you should look for practicality, functionality and masculinity. Without further ado, we have taken all the hard work out for you and compiled out list of the top five bag types for men.

(1) The Briefcase

Unequivocally daunting yet signalising sophistication and class, the briefcase has had a makeover. Sleeker, slimmer and less boxy, a briefcase is perfect for the modern gentleman who only ever needs to carry around his laptop and a handful of papers. A classic black leather briefcase is perfect for a work environment that requires you to wear a suit, with tan and dark brown versions also proving to be trendy alternatives.

(2) The Duffel Bag

If in doubt, make the duffel your go to bag style. It is ideal for the gym goer who likes to keep their gear close to hand. The perfect companion for the weekenders who exclusively carry-on. And for anyone who tries to live anything resembling an interesting life outside of work, it’s basically your portable wardrobe. Pick one that is a medium size and if possible, opt for a leather version in black or brown. Leather is more versatile than canvas, especially when it comes to selecting an all-purpose bag, and will complement most of your outfits.

(3) The Tote

Unfairly underrated, the tote bag is the dark horse of the accessories department. Spacious enough to carry your laptop, camera, magazines, notepads, spare shoes and shirt, the tote is user-friendly and hassle-free. Choose a style in a more rugged, durable material such as suede or canvas. Bonus points for styles with handles long enough to be carried over your shoulder rather than in your hand.

(4) The Backpack

Conjuring childhood nostalgia, the backpack is back with a vengeance. Hands-free, minimal fuss and surprisingly capable of holding a considerable amount of items, a backpack is the ideal choice for a sartorial student, casual man or every day bike rider. Inject some colour into your life with a cobalt blue or canary yellow option.

(5) The Suitcase

For those of you who have a job involving regular travel and constant trips to various airports, a well-selected suitcase is crucial. In terms of practicality, opt for a suitcase with wheels and keep things simple by sticking to a neutral black, navy or grey colour palette. Alternatively, select a brightly hued suitcase to avoid mix-ups at the conveyor belt and a speedy exit from the luggage collection.