TREND | Active Wear

From a quick stint in the gym then straight to Sunday brunch, your gym attire needs to be able to transition from the weights room to your hip local café with ease, which means your old, tattered grey tracksuit simply won’t do. Gone are the days where working out gave you an excuse to wear your old high school threads from your glory days in the athletics team or baggy, low cut armhole singlets that conjure images of a festival going ‘bruss’. Enter the new wave of active wear- streamlined, edgy pieces that are definitely cool enough to wear off the treadmill.


When it comes to working out, your equipment is just as important as your technique. But we’re not talking machinery here – we’re referring to the clothing choices you make when you’re preparing to hit the gym, pavement or pitch. With developments in technical materials, innovative design features and contemporary styling coming to a head in the active wear market right now, it has never been easier to find the perfect kit to fit your needs. The latest offering is filled with highly desirable training gear, such as lightweight shirts and jackets to suit everyone’s tastes. Have a bit of fun with various coloured and printed t-shirts, and simply throw on a light bomber jacket when you leave the gym so you’ll never run late for your Eggs Benedict again.


Regardless of your personal preference, your running shorts or workout pants should have a lean fit and minimalist design. That means no more baggy leg track pants or mesh basketball shorts, with tailored navy or black alternatives replacing them. We guarantee you that your wife or girlfriend will never be embarrassed of your post-workout street attire again.


When it comes to shoes, ditch the old school white sneakers and let your imagination and personal style shine by opting for a sleek, all-black or brightly coloured pair of kicks. Classic brands like Nike and New Balance can never fail you with cool designs that will rake in the compliments wherever you go.