As the sun sets a little later every night and the rising temperatures make the pain of waking up in the morning that tiny bit easier, winter is finally saying its much overdue goodbyes and making its way for the new season. Spring: the season of hope and new beginnings, the infamous ‘spring clean’ and the depressing realisation that you will need to double your cardio sessions at the gym to kick those pesky winter kilos before you can no longer continue in your denial spiral and hide under numerous layers of clothing. With that being said, embrace the notion of de-cluttering and shedding the unnecessary extras by transitioning your winter wardrobe into the spring.


Cream, pale grey and tan are great colour options for this time of year. The key to comfort is layering, so choose pieces that you can peel off and on. Try switching your black blazer for a neutral tone and layer it over a cotton shirt to instantly freshen your outfit. Introduce lighter colours, such as pastels, into your wardrobe and ditch all the blacks, charcoals and navies from the winter. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, this is also the perfect time to start experimenting with new prints and textures. Refer back to our article on Print Clashing if you need some more handy tips on how to master the look.


With the chilly mornings still requiring a jacket of some sort, pack away your heavy coats and invest in a light trench. It will be your all-weather saviour. Trenches have all the tailoring of your favourite winter coat without the extra weight. Slip it on over your suit or jeans and a t-shirt for an instantly pulled-together look. Say goodbye to your heavy wools and polyester pieces for another year and opt for cottons, chambray and thin knits to see you through to the summer. Roll your cotton chinos at the ankle for extra cool points and to start preparing yourself for endless summer nights relaxing on a boat.


Ditch the thick, woollen scarves for a silk or cotton alternative. Whilst still adding flair and layers to your ensemble, this lighter alternative won’t have you sweating profusely by lunchtime. Swap your heavy leather loafers for loafers, canvas sneakers or a boat shoe. Don’t forget to leave the thicker socks in your drawer and invest in some invisible alternatives.