HOW TO | Embrace Four More Fashion Rules

If you read our article on how to avoid the top five fashion mistakes and came to the terrifying realisation that it accurately describes your current personal style, you may be wondering where and how to make a fresh start in your sartorial life. You have started wearing the right size suit, tucking in your office shirt and have even bought a new pair of well-crafted leather shoes. Congratulations, you are well on the road to sartorial success. But where do you go from here? It’s easy to learn from your mistakes – because a lot of the time they’re easy to pinpoint and simple to correct – but progression is difficult. Let’s face it, now that you’ve fixed the most glaring and/or offensive faux pas, there’s something comforting in playing it safe. However, the reality is that taking the next step isn’t as hard or daunting as it may initially seem. If you follow these four simple rules below then you will be well on your way to achieving a more fashionable you.

(1) Fit is Paramount

The number one rule in men’s fashion, all day every day. Men’s style comes down to creating clean lines and strong silhouettes, and these are impossible to achieve if you are swamped in excess material. Always try on clothes before you buy them to make sure they fit you properly. Find yourself a decent tailor and foster a long-term relationship with them to make things even easier. The simplest adjustments can make even the cheapest bargain buy look expensive and luxurious. 

(2) Beware of Trends

Don’t be a slave to every trend that pops up in the stores and instead, focus on simple, classic and versatile pieces. A truly stylish man keeps up with trends but doesn’t follow them blindly. Although you should be willing to break style rules, interpret the trends in your own way and consider factors such as your job, personality and body shape before diving head first into them. 

(3) Don’t Be a Label Snob

Just because your suit is emblazoned with a designer label or cost more than your monthly rent, it is incredibly foolish and naïve to assume that a high0end brand automatically makes you stylish. Before you purchase an item, be honest with yourself and ask if you are buying it because of the brand or because you love the quality and style? Good fit and quality construction can be found at all price ranges if you are willing to put in the effort.

(4) Embrace Feminine Colours

Pink is not just for girls, and as summer edges closer, it is time to embrace lighter pastel colours such as lavender, coral or peach. They all work really well with the staple colours you already own, like navy and grey, and can add a seriously masculine, confident edge to your appearance.