TREND | Short-Sleeved Shirts

As 30-degree temperatures start to become the daily norm, the inevitable return of the dreaded Queensland humidity also unfortunately brings along a general disregard for style from the masses. The frequent culprit: short-sleeved shirts. Short-sleeved shirts have historically received a bad wrap. Typically associated with the ‘weird’ uncle or your high school Chemistry teacher, shirts of the short-sleeve variety were often described as ‘daggy’ and a cardinal fashion sin.

However, the dominance and inherent influence of online bloggers has seen a resurgence in recent months, with numerous designers and high-street stores showcasing the style in their latest collections. So without further ado, here are our top tips for rocking this style in the warmer months.

(1) Nail the Fit

Treat the style exactly as you would its long-sleeved counterpart. Make sure that it not only fits you across the chest and body but also in the sleeve length and width. You want to aim for sleeve to end mid-bicep and to only be able to fit a finger between your arm and the sleeve. 

(2) Light Materials Work Best

Seeing as a shorter sleeve is generally a summer-time option, opt for cooler fabrics like linen and poplin cotton. Not only will these shirts feel lighter on the skin, but their breathable nature will also curb any excessive sweating. 

(3) Experiment with Patterns

Inject some summer-time fun into your wardrobe and embrace a micro-check, gingham or plaid in contrasting colours. Short-sleeved shirts tend to be more ‘fun’ than traditional business shirts and there is a never-ending array of options on the market to allow for endless experimentation. 

(4) To Tuck In or Not Tuck In?

To answer simply: either. That’s the beauty of a short-sleeved shirt- it’s casual enough to be worn on a relaxing weekend away, but easily tucked into a pair of chinos to transition into the night. Tucked in generally lends itself more to a tailored trouser and a quality leather shoe while un-tucked is more relaxed with a cuffed chino and some boat shoes.