HOW TO | Nail the Pocket Square

The pocket square - a humble yet decorative addition to a blazer or suit jacket – has had a style resurgence in recent years. One of the easiest ways to express your personal style and create an entirely new look without having to buy numerous different suits, the pocket square is the must have piece of the season. It lends a finished panache to your suit jacket and adds interest to your appearance without looking overdone.

A symbol of elegance and a well-dressed man, seamlessly executing a pocket square is more challenging than it appears. With an average size being a 12'' by 12'' piece of fabric, the material of your pocket square should be seasonal. Silk is appropriate year-round, however, linens and cottons should generally be worn in the spring/summer, and tweed, wool, flannel, or cashmere should be reserved for autumn/winter. Beginners should stick to solid colours to ease themselves in, however, patterned pocket squares allow your creative flair to run wild and give life to your look.

Nonetheless, the trickiest part of pocket squares is how to fold one. Of course you can just stuff it in your breast pocket and hope for the best. However, there are endless ways to fold your pocket square depending on the specific occasion and your personal style. The handy and easy to understand info-graphic below outlines the nine most common folds.