HOW TO | Embrace Your Inner Bond With the Right Mens Suit

When it comes to men's suits, there's no one who wears them better than Bond. On the eve of the release of the 24th installment in the 007 saga ‘Spectre’, James Bond will once again grace our screens to show us why this spy with a licence to kill is everything we should aspire to. Martinis will be shaken, beautiful, duplicitous women will be wooed, gifted villains will be thwarted and, once again, men will drift out of movie cinemas wishing to emulate our well-suited hero. Follow our 'mens suit' tips below and you’ll be introducing yourself as ‘Bond, James Bond’ in no time.

(1) Invest in a classic suit.

Bond always looks effortlessly stylish, whether he’s street jumping in a suit or gunning for the enemy in a gillet. A perfectly fitting, classic suit is the one garment a man can wear that can make him feel like he owns the world. Don’t just reserve your suit for important meetings or special events- incorporate the look into your regular attire. Stick to a simple, single-breasted suit that you can dress up or down and ensure that it is perfectly tailored for your body. Not only will tailoring provide a better fit, but it also improves your functionality, allowing you to conquer whatever is ahead.

(2) Keep it simple with colour.

Even though the actor playing Bond has changed over the years, one thing has remained consistent throughout the 50-year saga: a basic wardrobe colour palette. In addition to his suits, there’s a reason you never see Bon in a pink t-shirt or a muted green collared shirt. “Clothes should never dress the man or overpower him,” says 007 costume designer, Jany Temime. “You should see the man first and the clothes second, which is why Bond’s suits (and the rest of his wardrobe) is based around a neutral palette - it allows his personality to shine through.” As sombre as it may seem, a palette of blacks, greys, whites and blues is bulletproof and minimised your chances of making any sartorial slip ups.

(3) Experiment with the details.

The key to Bond’s style? The devil’s in the details. Small details, like cufflinks or a pocket square, transform your outfit from boring to bona fide action hero. Whilst your accessories should never dominate your outfit, they should say something about you and have a history behind them. Just like Bond’s cufflinks emblazoned with his family crest, it is the specific and precise detail that always adds a touch of understated elegance. 

(4) Ignore the trends.

The current Bond’s look is truly that: current but not problematically trendy. He dresses in a way that’s urbane but just as appropriate for a first date as it is for taking down a diabolical crime syndicate. James Bond exudes a modern masculinity; it’s impeccable but unfussy. Key to this elegance is ignoring the trends and choosing classics, paring things back and keeping things simple. 

James Bond is a man who has created his own style - one that’s outside fashion. This is why he always looks timeless and by following suit, you can too. So sit back in your new attire, relax and order your next martini- shaken, not stirred.