MUST HAVES | Swimming Shorts

The weekend’s heatwave has signalled the official arrival of the summer season and with the scorching weather comes the age-old dilemma- what swim shorts should I wear? Often asked and often done wrong, the beach and the sea can be difficult terrain to navigate, even for the sartorially inclined. Luckily, there are only a few tips you need to remember to transform yourself from beach bum to sand king.

(1) Fit is Key

By now we should all know that the secret to looking great in your clothes is whether they fit your body correctly or not, and your swim shorts are no exception to this. Aim for an ‘athletic fit’, treading the line between slim and skinny. You want the material to be just touching on your body, allowing you to comfortably run, jump and swim while avoiding any garish ‘tenting’ effects. Throw out those baggy Quicksilver board shorts from your university glory days, and invest in a pair that falls two to three inches above your knee for the most flattering look.

(2) Colour, colour and more colour!

Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with colours and finding out which ones you like or that look good on you. Why not try a pair in electric yellow or pink? Or maybe throw a pattern in as well and try a navy and green stripe or red gingham check? The options are endless and if you do need to wear something up top, stick to a fitted t-shirt or tank in neutral colours like grey, navy or black to anchor your bottom half and let the trunks do the talking.

(3) Transition straight from the beach to the bar.

These days designers and high street stores alike are making shorts that blur the lines between beachwear and summer clothing. If you buy some swim shorts that are flat fronted and hang in a straight line, not only are they extremely flattering on all body types but, once you have dried off, you can take them straight up to the beach bar without looking out of place. Some shorts are also being made without the elastic waistband and now have zip flies and pockets big enough to actually carry larger items like your phone.