HOW TO | Pack For A Beach Holiday

Jumping out of the ocean after a quick dip, ready to hit up the local beach bar to watch the sun set, only to realise that you forgot your towel in your hotel, or worse, at home. Trust me, it happens to the best of us. After our previous article on finding the right pair of swim shorts, we thought we would dive deeper into the depths of beach/pool dressing and create a handy guide to packing the other essentials for your next getaway.

(1) Beach Bag

It is time to update your beach bag- your battered messenger bag or heaven forbid, your work suitcase, simply will not cut it. Be weary of the material your bag is made from and avoid leather or heavy cottons, instead opting something more breathable and lightweight in wicker or linen. A tote bag is a perfect style, as it is easy to carry and is large enough to carry all your essentials in one big compartment.

(2) Headwear

For the scorching heat, sunglasses and a hat an absolutely must. Sunglasses are a personal preference, depending on your style and face shape, however, aviators and wayfarers are classic, fool proof styles and will suit everyone. However, unless you are willing to care for them vigilantly at the beach, leave your expensive sunglasses at home and buy a great high street version to combat the water and sand. For that extra sun safety, a straw trilby is your go-to and can be purchased from numerous stores in various shapes, sizes and colours. Novelty hats, flat caps and bucket hats are all out of the question (for obvious reasons).

(3) Light Layers

All hail the ‘cover-up’- a saviour when you need to head somewhere requiring clothing or when the afternoon sea breeze blows in. Pack some lightweight linen shirts in various colours to easily throw over your swim shorts and footwear and you will instantly be ready for anything that the night brings. 

(4) Beach Towel

Whilst your hotel may allow use of their towels, a towel is an investment piece and if cared for well, a good quality version will last years. Likewise, you can also pick up a cheaper bold-coloured or patterned version from your local department store. Make sure your towel is large enough for you to lay your entire body down and soft enough to wipe away all the pesky sand that will inevitably stick to you.

(5) Footwear

From a sartorial viewpoint, thongs should only be worn lazing around the pool or from the beach to your car and vice versa. If you are adamant on standing by your trusty Australian icons, avoid loud colours and Australian flag printed varieties, and keep things simple and sophisticated with a sleek black pair. Preferably, get yourself a pair of thin leather boat shoes in a neutral colour. They will serve you well in any situation, be it beach, pool, bar or in town, with the potential to take you from morning all the way through to the next.