HOW TO | Dress for the Festive Season

The festive season is hitting its peak, and for the next few weeks many of us have a full schedule. From work-related parties to the traditional get together with friends and family, you’ll need to dress appropriately as you mingle with the boss and trade stories with uncle Jack. With many of these events scheduled for the same day, you’re going to have to balance comfort, style, and versatility. And believe it or not, this is easier than you might think.

It’s not just the jolly festive jumpers (the scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary in which poor Colin Firth is forced into a knitted reindeer sweater continues to haunt the dreams of men’s style watchers years later). It’s not even the sight of normally mild-mannered middle managers leading conga lines through the office while wearing novelty Santa hats. Regardless of your creed, the holidays are fun and a great opportunity to bring a twist to your outfit. Read ahead to find out what you should be wearing this coming fortnight for all your holiday events.

Office Party:

Avoid dressing as you do for a board meeting and equally, on the other end of the spectrum, avoid showing up to the party dressed as Will Ferrell in Elf. Office parties are meant to be fun, not career endangering. Strike a happy medium must be negotiated between sartorial teetotalism and the style equivalent of binge drinking. Opt for a ‘broken suit’, otherwise known as ‘separates’. Mix grey trousers with a blue jacket, or take a more subtle approach and vary the shade or texture of you top and bottom half.

Christmas Day:

Then there’s the day itself, the culmination of all that carousing. True, it’s pleasant to open your presents in your pajamas but later on you will want to dress yourself to enjoy your Christmas feast. Avoid the seasonal Frosty the Snowman socks and ties, and instead, combat the heat and keep your attire simple. A linen or cotton shirt, paired back with chino shorts and leather boat shoes is always a winner.  

Naturally, exceptions to these rules are made for a certain apple-cheeked old fellow with a snow-white beard, present sack and a sleigh. And no man, no matter how particular in his dress, should attempt to make it through to Boxing Day without at least once settling a flimsy paper party hat from a Christmas cracker on his head. It is Christmas, after all.