HOW TO | Shop the Holiday Sales Like a Pro

Gone are the days where the best sales were purely in womenswear and white appliances (75% off fridges, anyone?). Menswear stores are lifting their games, offering huge savings on their full priced stock. However, whilst the mania that is Boxing Day has passed, most sales continue well into January with further markdowns by the day. The red signs, flashing lights and spot specials are all a part of the experience and knowing the tricks of how to shop these sales smartly will save not only time, but also energy and money. 

(1) Make a List

With billions of dollars predicted to be spent on these holiday sales, there will be a lot of purchases made across the country. Whether or not they’re smart buys, good bargains and things you actually want or need is up to you. Make a list of all the items you are after and stick to it.  Going in with no clear idea of what you want and how much you should be paying for it is sure to lead to overspending and regrets. The holiday sales are the best time to stock up on basics and essentials due to the large markdowns, so stock up for the year ahead.

(2) Devise a Plan

Are you going alone? If so, are you a decisive person, or do you need a second opinion? Who will help carry your bags? Are you going in a pair? Do you both want to go to the same stores? Will you split up when you get to each store? How will you communicate? How long are you both willing to be there for? Will you need to stop for breaks? If so where? Answer all these questions, and you’re halfway ready. Don’t forget to check out all your favourite retailer’s online stores as they may have a wider selection of choices that are sold out in their retail stores and may also offer free shipping options. 

(3) Read the Fine Print

Being swept up in the melee of the holiday sales makes it difficult to concentrate, make rational decisions and consider every purchase carefully. Check the returns policy at every store, as items on sale are usually difficult to refund or exchange.