HOW TO | Reinvent Your Style on a Budget

From workouts to your go-to bar, relying too heavily on old faithfuls often means getting stuck in a rut. And your style is no different. So as you continue your optimistic ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra, now is the perfect time to consider a change. But while it is easy to overhaul your look with an unlimited budget and a personal stylist on speed dial, you can easily make several tweaks to your current wardrobe without spending your month’s salary. Check out these tips and hacks for an inexpensive route to looking suave and on-form.

Step 1: Plan with Military Precision

Saving money means being wise about what you invest in, so it’s time to invoke some classic money saving rules before diving into your new wardrobe. Firstly, if you’re not 100 per cent sure about an item, put it aside, mull it over and come back after a few days to see if you cannot live without it. Secondly, ask yourself two questions: do you really need it, and will it actually help switch up your style? Are you hoodwinking yourself by making a case for that capped sleeve white t-shirt when you already own five white t-shirts?

Step 2: Switch Up Your Grooming Regime

Often the most stylish men aren’t the ones wearing the coolest clothes but those who have an aesthetic signature, like a trademark hairstyle or beard. Plus, this is a tweak that could even be free (or at least cheaper than a pair of new oxfords). Try slicking your hair back, going clean shaven or committing to a short beard if stubble’s your safe zone. Other subtle changes you can make include growing your fringe out a little, and taming unkempt eyebrows – the latter in particular is a small but effective tweak that will instantly elevate your overall appearance.

Step 3: Befriend Your Tailor and Know Your Faithful Brands

Thrillingly, reinventing your look on a budget is about avoiding crazy financial risks. With that in mind, know the brands that suit you. If you’re already happy with the fit of a shirt or a particular trouser’s break, then chances are you can return to where you purchased them for a successful re-run. Additionally, if you want to update, rather than drastically reinvent, your personal style, try making alterations to your existing wardrobe. Judicious nips and tucks can take wallowing pieces from substandard to outstanding.

Step 4: Accessorise

The most stylish men always manage to look fresh because of the way they style things, or the accessories they use to accent their looks. Accessories of any kind exude a multitude of personality into an outfit. Suits and ties can grow dull, for example, but they take on a new life when the neckwear is knitted or the jacket’s equipped with a pocket square and lapel pin.