MUST HAVES | New Year Style Resolutions

With every passing New Year’s celebration comes another set of promises that we make to ourselves. We pledge to eat healthier, drink less alcohol, and do more exercise. We promise to take up a new hobby, finally get around to that project we keep putting off, and meet up with our friends more. Depending on your resolve, some of these promises you’ll stick with, while others will quickly fall by the wayside.

As we enter 2016, we are armed with a long list of fashion resolutions to kick start the New Year. From tossing clothing we haven't worn in a while, and infusing a little more life into our current wardrobes, read our resolutions below and pick out a few you want to tackle yourself!

(1) Clean out your wardrobe.

New Year is traditionally a time to throw out the old and make space for the new. Mark a fresh start by meticulously going through your wardrobe and ruthlessly sorting out what needs to be recycled or given to charity. And remember, this only works if you’re 100% honest. Are you really going to ever wear that too-small hoodie your ex-but-one bought you in 2011? The answer’s no – ditch it.

(2) Choose a new colour.

Is your wardrobe packed with clothes all featuring a similar-looking hue? Then take the cue to shake things up in the new year by going for fresh shades of the spectrum. Experiment with easy-to-incorporate neutrals like grey, khaki, camel and blush, or embrace the 70s trend with warmer browns and burgundies. Already known for a pretty powerful personal colour palette? Then cleanse your look with bright whites or all black. Be more adventurous and explore new brands and clothing labels to help you along.

(3) Accept what doesn’t work

Make 2016 the year you man up and accept that some things will never work on you. After all, everyone has an Achilles heel when it comes to style and it’s a mark of maturity to finally own up to yours. So, whether that means roll-neck jumpers, V-neck tees or that troublesome beard you tried to grow three times last year are off the list, just accept it now and move right along.

(4) Upgrade your hair

So your girlfriend said that new cut looked cool, but be honest, that was over two years ago. Updating your hairstyle is a simple way to create a new look for 2016 and it is as easy as having a word with your barber/hairdresser – so book an appointment and take the plunge. Pointing out some looks you like on your smartphone is a good start, but ask them for advice on what works with your face shape, too.