HOW TO | Layer During the In-Between Seasons

Summer is definitely on its way, with temperatures rising and the air feeling ever so more humid by the day. But if you have been feeling the crisp air when leaving home in the morning, but mopping sweat from your brow once you reach your desk, you’re not alone. Read ahead on how to dress to bridge the in-between season gap. 

Lightweight Jumper & Shirt:

Although on paper the process of layering a jumper over a shirt isn’t exactly what you might describe as ‘challenging’, in practice, there are gauges, fabric weights, collars and necklines to contend with. Firstly, the shirt. Make sure it fits snug, and is lightweight enough to sit beneath the jumper without creating any unsightly creases or bulges. And keep the collar style clean: tab and classic point collars work best with a crew neck. Next up, the jumper. Make sure it’s a crew neck and knit in a fine gauge so it won’t set your body on fire in the summer warmth.

Denim Jacket & T-shirt:

The best early summer perennial, denim jackets should be at the fore of your wardrobe during the transition to the warmer months. Made of tougher stuff than a linen blazer, it will ensure you won’t blow away in a breeze, while its lack of lining means it won’t heat you as fast as an overcoat. Keep it classic with an indigo colour, or put a fresh spin on this workwear favourite by opting for a black or light neutral-coloured style. Then throw it on over a tee, and team with chinos or jeans for the ultimate off-duty look.

Harrington Jacket, Jumper & Shirt:

Classic, clean-lined and perfectly smart-casual, the Harrington jacket is the perfect foil for the in-between season bite. Unlike bombers, truckers and technical jackets, a Harrington skews more sartorial than sporty, so – provided you opt for one in an all-occasion colour like navy, grey or beige – it’s a cinch to team with shirts, jumpers and chinos or tailored trousers.