Although a very personal preference, a good pair of denim jeans is a must. Perfect to dress an outfit up or down, they are incredibly versatile and last a long time. The best part- the more you wear them, the more lived-in they look, giving them distinct detailing that becomes individual to you. Read ahead on some key ground rules to follow. 

Basic Types of Jeans:

- Relaxed – More excess material and a slightly baggier look, these looser fit jeans are useful for a more casual and laidback outfit or lounging around at home on the weekend.

Skinny – Also referred to as tapered, slim or tailored, skinny jeans work best for those with a more slender or youthful frame. Very on trend, this style draws inspiration from the indie scene.

- Straight – The most popular option, straight jeans are a happy medium between relaxed and skinny, giving you some room to move while maintaining a shape and outline of your body. 

Outfit Ideas:

- A relaxed fit mid-blue jean paired with a t-shirt in white, grey or black is an easy weekend look. Throw on some knitwear or your favourite leather jacket for some extra warmth when heading outside.

- For a night out, pair some dark denim jeans with a button-up shirt. Don't forget to put your best shoes on, with a black boot or brown oxford being good options.

- For a trendier alternative, use your grey or black jeans as a base item for your plaid shirts. Leave the shirt unbuttoned over a simple t-shirt for the perfect laidback look.