MUST HAVES | Summer Outfit Combinations

Learning what to put on, rather than take off in hot weather might sound contradictory, but it is a necessity. Read ahead on some fail-safe ways to dress in the heat without passing out.

Linen Shirt & Tailored Trousers:

Whoever said you can’t look good when it’s boiling hot just didn’t know their fabrics. Arming yourself with the knowledge of which fabrics breathe, and which ones make you sweat, is the difference between staying cool and wearing a sauna. Opt for light-weight cotton trousers and try mixing a neutral top with a bolder colour down below (and vice versa), or a head-to-toe tonal approach for a more contemporary effect.

Short-sleeved Shirt & Tailored Trousers:

This combo offers the clean lines of tailoring with less of the cloth, meaning you can look put-together without dripping in sweat. Be sure to get your fit on point. Too baggy or skinny, with either the shorts or the shirt and you’ll turn a tried-and-trusted summer look into a fashion disaster. 

Breton Shirt & Navy/White Shorts:

Still as fresh as it was two centuries ago, the Breton shirt is the ideal fix for men who fancy wearing a bit of pattern without running the risk of being mocked by their friends. Keep it classic with a traditional long-sleeved style (which you can, incidentally, easily team with an unstructured blazer) or steer shorter if it’s just too hot.