HOW TO | Dress For Every Summer Event

The summer period means longer days, more sunshine and an increase in social events. But navigating what to wear for all these occasions when the likelihood of excessive sweat is high can be a nightmare. Read ahead on how to nail any social engagement this season. 

The Heatwave When You Still Have to Work:

You have two weapons in the fight to stay cool and decent: fit and fabric. Skinny- and slim-cut clothes trap warm air against your already sweaty skin. Loosen up and it starts to flow. Your materials should be just as breezy. Linen and light cotton are riddled with tiny holes, which ensures air circulates. Lightweight chinos are also office-worthy.

The Wedding With the Vague Dress Code:

You want to be smart, but not as smart as the groom. That doesn’t mean the outfit you wear to work; wear separates rather than a full suit. Neutral combinations – think navy with brown/beige, grey with blue, white with charcoal, etc. – will work in any pictures. 

The Lunchtime Affair that Lasts Well Into the Night:

It always starts with the best intentions- a quick catch-up. But it’s so nice out, and you end up spending the entire night out. Prepare yourself for this accidental all-nighter with a good pair of shoes. A pair of sleek minimal leather trainers are comfortable enough for the day, and will pass the dress code test later in the night. Team them with simple black jeans, a white tee and a leather biker jacket.