HOW TO | Wear a Patterned Suit

Wearing a patterned suit is never an easy task and the possibilities are endless- pinstripe, checks, jacquard, floral just to name a few. Sound a little tricky to wear? Just follow our simple steps below and you will become a pro with pattern. 

Pick the Right Occasion:

Patterned suits make a large statement and are generally not appropriate for the workplace or funerals. On these occasions, the way you dress should be a sign of respect, rather than a distraction. Save the pattern for informal weddings, parties and nights out that demand you make an effort.

Nail the Fit & Accessories:

If you are more minimalist wallflower than bird of paradise, opt for small micro-patterns in shades similar to the base colour of the suit to minimise contrast and ease yourself in. Be aware that any sizing issues will be amplified by a pattern. If the jacket pulls at the buttons, for instance, the pattern will warp and draw attention to the offending area. Additionally, over accessorising is one of the most sartorially sinful moves you can make- save the statement shoes or pocket squares for another time. Where your tie is concerned, keep it fuss-free and simple.

Do the Splits:

Not ready to go full pattern just yet? Alternatively, you can split a patterned suit in two and wear the jacket with plain trousers. In this case, look for the darkest prominent colour in the jacket, be it navy, grey, black or even burgundy and try to find trousers to match. If in doubt, a pair of solid black trousers will work across the board.