TREND | 2016 Top Forecasted Trends

As we finally settle back into our trusty routines, it is time to start assessing the upcoming 2016 fashion trends and determine whether you will assimilate any of these into your personal style repertoire. Following our observation of fashionable men on the streets and the latest kit on the runway, as well as analysing the wise predictions of various fashion experts, these four upcoming men's style updates are designed for the gentleman who wants more than a 'normal' wardrobe. Lift the style bar a little in 2016. Just be sure to mix these trending, seasonal pieces with some of the classics too.

(1)   Pastel Shades

According to colour experts, Pantone, the trendiest hues in 2016 will be 'Rose Quartz' and 'Serenity'. What on earth are these, you may be thinking? In simple terms, 2016 will be all about the pastel shades.  Light pink and baby blue are set to add some much needed colour and softness to menswear. Perfect for the warmer seasons, think linen blazers, light cotton shirts, and suede shoes all receiving the pastel treatment. Translating to the everyday man, pastels should be worn with other mid-tones including muted versions of greens and purples, as well as neutral staples such as brown, khaki or grey. Add in silver accessories or a metal timepiece and you're sartorially set for colour this year.

(2)   Distressed Denim

If you are intent on beating the denim tastemakers at their own trend game, think relaxed and worn-in for jeans this year. Not for the faint-hearted, ripped knees and light vintage fades channel an aesthetic break from the spotless, dark selvedge denim of 2015. Denim is lighter in fabric weight too, with extra stretch for slim-fit types, perfect for the morning bike-it-to-work commute. Furthermore, say goodbye to the extreme skinny leg styles that have plagued the stores in recent years and embrace a slouchier and more relaxed denim style. Think tailored and flowy: tapered in at the knee with more room at top part of the leg, just like pants. 

(3)   Resort Cool

The holidays have well and truly ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay on endless vacay all year round. Avoid the tacky Hawaiian prints, and instead look for nostalgic patterns such as '70s-inspired vertical stripes or '50s-esque dark floral prints. Typically short sleeve, the collar should sit open and flat. The styling is the major shake-up in 2016 with the shirts left untucked and open for a laid-back, by-the-pool-bar look. Break up the loud prints with simple tailored shorts or relaxed fit vintage wash denim.

(4)   Bold Bombers

Trickling down several runways this season, the souvenir is set to be the thing to remember for 2016. Of eastern influence, the souvenir jacket retains the baseball cut of a bomber, but replaces the matte of nylon for satin or silk – packing an extra statement with embroidered details such as cranes or tiger motifs. More formally, the suede bomber jacket looks to be the heavy contender to rival the formal jacket come casual Friday in the office. Suede's natural tan or brown colour is a modern version of the camel trench that swept over menswear last year. And it doubles for a perfect winter jacket with chinos and sneakers on the weekend.