HOW TO | Make Your Clothes Last Longer: PART ONE

Dressing yourself well can be an expensive business. But constantly maintaining and ensuring that your threads are in premium condition at all times can also be equally or if not more costly. With that in mind, we have shortlisted our tips into the top ten and will be presenting them in two parts. So read ahead to find out our first five tips on how to make your wardrobe go the distance.

(1) Don’t Wash Your Clothes Too Often

Getting overzealous with the washing machine is just about the fastest track to reducing your most-loved garments to a pile of scrap. Save your wardrobe (and the planet) with a hefty dose of common sense when choosing what to wash: if it looks and smells clean, it is probably clean. Over-washing a clothing piece results in it losing its shape fast as well as the colour of the garment fading. Whilst your gym kit, underwear and that favourite t-shirt you don exclusively for demolishing mounds of spaghetti should be washed after each wear, jeans and jumpers (provided you’ve steered clear of the stables or any other messy scenarios) very rarely need the same treatment after just one outing.

(2) Seal Your Leather and Suede

You don’t need a medicine degree to know that when it comes to crisis management, prevention is invariably better than cure. So take a leaf out of your doctor’s book to keep your leather and suede stain-free. Apply a light layer of fabric protector before your first wear (remembering to keep your 15-20cm distance when spraying) and rest secure in the knowledge that your garment is safe and sound. Just remember to give it a top up every now and then.

(3) Steam Your Clothes

Despite its prowess in ridding your clothes of creases, ironing is not all good news for your gear. At best, the heat and pressure from a scorching hot slab of metal will gradually take its toll over time, wearing fabrics thin. At worst, you will be left with the dreaded ‘suit sheen’ – that tell-tale sign you have carelessly cranked up the iron’s dial one too many times. Instead, be kinder to your clothes, and keep simultaneously keep them wrinkle-free, by investing in a steamer. Far gentler on your clothing than ironing, steaming is an easy alternative to remove all creases from your garments. 

(4) Check Your Pockets

Just as important as savvy washing is a pre-wash security screening. Rogue tissues, coins and other paraphernalia can wreak havoc on your clothing if not filtered out before you push the ‘On’ button. Thus, before taking your clothes for a spin, be sure to check pockets for any hidden surprises, zip up trouser flies, loosely tie drawstrings and close Velcro fastenings.

(5) Know When To Fold Or Hang

Turbo-charging your wardrobe’s longevity requires a stellar storage strategy. Knitwear has a tendency to head south when hung, so fold yours neatly and place in a drawer to ensure it doesn’t look like your prize from a sample sale tug of war. Suits and shirts, on the other hand, should always be hung on natural wood hangers to maintain shape, relax any creases that have developed and wick away any absorbed moisture.