HOW TO | Make Your Clothes Last Longer: PART TWO

After Part One of our how-to guide, it is clear that we all must arm ourselves with clothes-conserving secrets to ensure that our credit card will not need to take another beating. With that being said, read ahead to discover another five handy hints to maximise the life of your clothing pieces.

(1) Always Separate Colours

Welcome to Clothes Washing 101. It might be tempting to deploy the one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with your dirty washing and dumping it all into the drum, but it is almost always bad news for your whites. Due to their paler disposition, white garments will attract and soak up any loose dye that runs from surrounding darker garments. As a result, wash dark colours (black, navy, forest green etc.), light colours (pale yellow, pink, baby blue etc.) and whites in three separate cycles. Tedious, yes, but the only way to avoid your entire underwear collection turning lilac.

(2) Turn Your Garments Inside Out

Turning your clothes inside out when washing is one of the simplest way of preserving the life of your wardrobe, so there is no excuse for swerving this step when waging the war on dirt. Turning jeans, jumpers and shirts inside out ensures wear from washing hits the inside of the garment. This results in less pilling on the outside of your jumpers and jeans that retain their colour.

(3) Change is Always Good

As all clothing retains some odour and moisture from your sweat after it has been worn, it is imperative to allow your pieces proper time to ‘relax’ after they’ve been worn. Not doing this will lead to hard-to-shift smells, deep-set stains and bizarrely warped shapes, which is definitely not ideal. So, step away from that tee that gets more airtime than Donald Trump’s toupee and try wearing something else for a change.

(4) Rub Jewellery Up The Right Way

You don’t need P.Diddy’s diamond collection to start taking jewellery care seriously. Neglect your metallic accessories too long and they will need more than a quick once-over to restore them to their shimmering glory. The best way to prevent long-term damage is by simply wiping your pieces regularly with a soft cloth after wear to offset the build-up of skin oils, lotions and other grime. 

(5) Fabric – Friend or Foe?

All the curative style hacks in the world cannot beat the smug satisfaction gained from having your clothes perform well in the first place. Consequently, future-proof your wardrobe by making savvy fabric selections from the get-go. Polyester is a very durable choice and makes for great gym-wear as it can withstand persistent washing. Meanwhile, on the more stylish side of the spectrum, there’s a lot to be said for pure wool’s skill set, which not only includes optimal insulation, but impressive durability too.