TREND | Jewellery

Whilst many men shrink from the idea of jewellery, there’s no need to steer clear of self-decoration. If your office dress code (or sense of self-preservation) precludes such drastic body adornment, more subtle jewellery can pay dividends for even the most accessory-averse man. Since sovereign rings and medallions are one 1970s trend not worth revising, you need to update your approach. Read ahead on some rules you need to navigate the lines between unadorned and Mr T.

DO: Start With Essentials

To avoid looking like a washed-up 50 Cent wannabe, always begin with the basics. Quintessentially, men only really need one item of jewellery: the wristwatch, and every other piece is merely additional. When a piece is functional, you can afford to steer slightly towards a more statement piece – a large, flashy watch downplays the ostentation by doing a job. The less useful the piece, the more subdued it should be. Blazer buttons can carry a motif and gold plate because they do a job. Your lapel pin, on the other hand, less so.

DON’T: Buy Cheap Jewellery

Whilst jewellery tends to be more on the expensive side, there is nothing worse than green stains on your skin from substandard, cheap metals. If precious metals are too precious, look to stainless steel bracelets, copper or leather cuffs and even beaded bracelets to contrast with your watch. Stick to monochrome to avoid looking like a backpacker or gap year student.

DO: Consider The Occasion

Although your lip piercing may be fine for a night out, consider ditching it in your next job interview. No matter how flattering to your style, for formal occasions restrict your jewellery to modest choices such as watches, cufflinks, wedding bands and lapel pins. 

DON’T: Forget The Maths

Your wrist is full at two pieces of jewellery, including a watch. Your arm, including fingers, at three. Any more than five pieces total and your pieces will be fighting to be the star of your arm party. Also take note of proportions: If you have a smaller wrist, a larger watch face will only make it look smaller.