MUST HAVES | Four Fool-proof Combinations

Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Ross and Rachel: some of the greatest duos of all time. Not limited to tumultuous yet passionate lovers, there are also plenty of sartorial combinations that will never fail you. More than the sum of their parts, these are the tried and trusted menswear twosomes staying power. File under ‘things to wear that won’t make you cringe in years to come’.

(1)  Tuxedo & Bow Tie

Shocking, we know! But despite not being the most novel of sartorial dream teams, the classic tuxedo and bow tie combo has worked for centuries.  Adding to the pull of this power couple is the fact that it is no easy feat to pull off. As anyone who has ever made the honourable decision to grapple with a self-tie bow tie will know, getting it to sit just right is a task so Herculean we’re surprised it’s not yet an Olympic sport. Which means cracking it instantly wins you gold.

(2)  Navy Blazer & Breton Top

‘Riviera chic’ is a phrase wheeled out with clockwork regularity by the fashion press. But despite appearances, menswear isn’t stuck for new material – there’s some method in the ad nauseam repetition. Look the part for when you win the lotto in a navy blazer and Breton top. Worn for the best part of a century, this timeless pairing has weathered sea changes in style with its unashamed simplicity. No yacht necessary.

(3)  Camel Coat & Denim

If you’re an early adopter of the camel coat, rest easy knowing it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The reason why camel is popular isn’t hard to pin down: as a lighter neutral colour, it looks great with most of your wardrobe. But there’s really no better bedfellow for this variant of beige than some blue denim. Why? It’s a classic case of opposites attract.

The camel coat started out as something to layer over tailoring and most modern versions nod to its smart sartorial origins. At the other end of the spectrum is denim, a man’s hardest working wardrobe hero now synonymous with the concept of off-duty dressing. Put the two together and you have a match made in sartorial heaven. 

(4)  Khaki Bomber Jacket & White T-shirt

Like many of its fellow comrades in the canon of menswear staples, the bomber jacket has its roots in military wear. The original, the MA-1, has been worn by movie stars, skinheads, presidents and punks, and was also the jacket that launched a thousand imitators – from leather bombers to silk blousons. Loved for its wearability and versatility, the iconic green bomber jacket teams easily with just about any tee or sweatshirt, but it undoubtedly flies best with a classic white crew neck in the cockpit.