HOW TO | Dress for a Job Interview

So you’ve decided to make a change and go for that job you have always dreamed of, however, changing jobs is both a nerve-wrecking and time-consuming process. Endless applications, reference checks and the dreaded interview. First impressions matter and whilst you want to impress the interviewer, trying too hard can have the opposite effect. Read ahead on how to dress for your next interview to not only show off your sartorial flair, but also wow your future boss. 

The Basics:

Regardless of what job you are applying for, always wear something formal to an interview. Not only does it make you seem more polished, but it also boosts your confidence. A suit in a navy or dark grey are perfect for job interviews, as they are very versatile, neutral and classic. Conversely, a black suit may appear too harsh and formal for an interview. Now that the foundation has been laid, your supporting pieces also need to work the hard yards. Keep it classic and opt for a simple white shirt and dark-coloured tie combination. Alternatively, insert a shot of colour by incorporating a light pink, blue or grey shirt and a similar toned tie.

Nonetheless, if you want to get creative with your look, the most business-savvy way to do this is through pattern. Pick a shirt in a striped or gingham print and keep the tie in a solid colour to help anchor the pattern to the look. Don’t forget the final touches- a tie bar or pocket square (where appropriate) can elevate your overall look without drawing too much attention to it.

The Alternatives:

If your potential job is far more casual or relaxed and absolutely does not require a suit, maintain a sense of professionalism and opt instead for a shirt and pants combination. Make sure your pants are well-fitted and streamlined close to the body. Depending on the job, chinos or dark-wash denim may also suffice. Regardless, dress up your upper half with a collared shirt, hinting at your personality with an unusual colour or pattern. To ensure you do not look sloppy, shoes should always fall to the more formal side and be clean and polished at all times.