HOW TO | Dress Better This Autumn/Winter

For things like your health, and afternoon drinks in the sunshine without the fear of shivering to a premature death, Summer is great. Less so for your look – t-shirts and shorts are an extremely limited palette. So as your colleagues gripe about Winter’s creeping entrance, be warmed by the knowledge that it is almost time to unleash those coats, knits and boots that excite in ways no linen shirt ever could. But in this transition lie pitfalls ready to snare the unwary sartorialist. So as well as subbing out your wardrobe’s cottons for heavyweight wool, follow our prep guide to ensure you’re ready to meet Winter head-on. 

(1)  Weatherproof Your Wardrobe

Coat-ruffling breezes can suddenly become like daggers that rip through your outerwear and wet weather mornings make you curse internally as you sit helplessly considering your new suede shoes. Polish doesn’t just get your shoes inspection ready. It also provides a waterproof layer that saves you from receptionist side-eye, as you squelch across their clean carpet in wet socks. Your outerwear needs similar treatment. Invest in a waterproofing spray and save your jacket from tear stains when you realise rain marks do not brush out.

(2)  Invest in Your Outerwear

Fast fashion’s prices may tempt you to skimp on your new coat, but this is where money talks. A premium piece won’t just last more than one season but also perform when the weather turns. A wool overcoat is the most versatile option. Look for neutrals like navy, grey or camel in a slightly roomy fit that works with tailoring for work or sweats on the weekend.

(3)  Dial Down Your Brights

In a grey world, brights are nauseatingly optimistic, the sartorial equivalent of talking about how much fun everyone’s having on a rain-lashed beach holiday. Low cost swaps ensure you’re better-hued: fold away summer pastels and break out plain tees in black, grey, white or blue. But that doesn’t mean you need to go monochrome. Just echo the changing leaves in rust, military green and mustard, for an on-trend touch of colour.

(4) Update Your Accessories

First and foremost, to accessorise against the elements, every man needs a good, full size umbrella. Shoddy convenience store versions are a false economy. When they flip inside out, that’s five dollars wasted, and your suit ruined. Instead, look to brands that provide something stronger and infinitely more sophisticated so you never have to use your briefcase or worse, a newspaper for protection again. Moreover, don’t forget the versatility of a scarf especially in a lightweight cotton, that not only keeps the chill off your neck, but which dries out quickly if you do get caught in a shower.