HOW TO | Be The Ultimate Sales Shopper

As the mid year sales begin early and the red sale banners go up, with multiple retailers launching significant percentage off deals store wide, shopping has never been so intense. All of a sudden, the sale rail can turn from items that no one wanted full price into a minefield that snares even the weariest of shoppers thanks to the 50 percent off sticker. However, nestled among the leopard print sweats are glimmers of sartorial gold. You just need eyes and elbows sharp enough to snag them, before the hordes descend. Be smart about your purchases and take time to find those hidden gems- if you would not have considered the piece full price, avoid buying it (even if it’s 70 percent off).

(1)  Bare Necessities

Avant-garde and trend-driven pieces always get the biggest markdowns. That is simply because no one wanted them in the first place. Focus instead on those wardrobe staples that transcend fleeting trends – think less long-line graphic print tee, more quality grey marl sweater. Your best bet is to go for versatile and timeless pieces, as you are building up your basics at a much cheaper price.

(2)  Suits You

Traditionally, mid year generally sees slower sales for suiting as the party season is a long way away. Thus, picking up a suit in the mid-year sales is very strategic, as you can have your pick of a wide selection, discounted up to 80 percent off. Jump on the markdowns to receive a quality suit for the fraction of the cost, and spend a little extra to ensure that it is tailored to perfection.

(3)  Watch the Throne

A Swiss watch from a prestige brand is hardly an everyday purchase – we’re likely to buy a few in our lifetime, which is exactly why you should take advantage of markdowns on entry-level labels. Watch the sales carefully and you can sometimes get up to 50 per cent off on accessible – yet still respectable – brands like TAG Heuer and Burberry.

(4)  Kicking It

Since footwear is less beholden to trends, it is easy to find a pair you like at a bargain price. When perusing the never-ending markdowns, look for twists on classics. The best things to keep an eye out for are the seasonal pieces and special collaborations from the sneaker brands. Not only will you incur massive savings, you will also have a new pair of kicks that ten of your friends won’t have.