MUST HAVES | Leather Jackets

One of the most iconic pieces of clothing, the leather jacket has a voice of its own. Resonating with the rebel, the outsider, the lead singer and the motorcycle rider, this coat covers it all. With old school roots adorned by the likes of icons Marlon Brando and James Dean, fast forward to modern times and the jacket is still as workable as a staple wardrobe piece. Read below on our top tips when purchasing your very own trusty leather jacket. 

(1) Leather

Taking note of the type of leather is really important as this can vary dramatically. Some are quite thick, thin, hard, incredibly soft, shiny, suede or have a texture and all of these details play a part in how it will sits, wear and ultimately, its versatility. Opt for a leather that has a subtle texture as this will wear well with time. Leather naturally creases, softens, gets scratched and fade, but the right leather will take all of this in its stride to create the character of the jacket.

(2) Fit

The shoulders should line up perfectly and create structure. Unless you’re going for an oversized style, then make sure the shoulders don’t sit too wide. If they sit too narrow then you need to up a size a because it is likely you will be unable to move your arms. Brands will constantly change up details on leather jackets to differentiate their designs, but nothing beats a classic lapel and always check to make sure it’s lined. The lining should also be nondescript and not compete or clash with the jacket itself. 

(3) Detailing

It’s all in the details. Too many and it will date, too little and it borders on boring. Zippers, stitching and hardware can make or break your jacket choice. Just make sure it is classic and flattering.