HOW TO | Mix Textures

Mixing textures is a skill in itself. Providing an outfit with the sartorial ‘cherry on top’, this is something that is often attempted yet rarely executed well. However, with a few simple guidelines, you can master this technique with ease.

(1)  Monochromes

The easiest way to mix textures is to keep them all within the same neutral tone. Shades of grey, blue and black are simple, chic and classic in appearance and, due to their muted tone, pull together different textures effortlessly. Mixing black textures is the best way to pull this off successfully within one look. For example, some raw black jeans will look perfect alongside a black brushed cotton dress shirt and silk knitted tie, with the different textures enabling each piece to stand out individually against the other. 

(2)  Break It Up

Another key technique is to break up textures with a simple solid item. For example, combine denim jeans with a tweed blazer, but place something solid and minimalistic between them – like a white v-neck tee or a light blue oxford cloth shirt. By doing this, the focus isn’t entirely on the textures but the look as a whole – which, after all, is the art of mixing fabrics anyway. 

(3)  Miscellaneous

When going for the ‘same family’ or ‘monochromatic’ looks, make sure you vary the texture each time you add a piece. Additionally, try to pick pieces that will not compete with each other too much. Cords and denim are great and were made for each other; they are both durable, heavyweight and worker wear based pieces, however, adding a leather jacket would make it all a bit overwhelming.