HOW TO | Make Your Suit Last Longer

With correct love and care, your suits can last for years. Read ahead on how to make yours last longer. 

(1) Mix it up

Change up what you wear each day: Although it's easy to wear your favourite blazer every day, this will cause a huge amount of unfair wear and tear (especially on trousers). Give your clothes some rest time in between wears and use a suit brush to lightly clean your jackets and pants, removing dirt before you put them back in your wardrobe. Un-button your jacket and pull up your pants before you sit down. Sitting in a buttoned jacket makes it wear faster and strains the buttons, as does sitting straight down in pants.

(2) Storage & Washing

In the cooler months put away your heavier suits- this gives the other suits currently in your wardrobe some more breathing space. Always hang suits on suit hangers in canvas bags that are breathable and don't use low-quality plastic or wire hangers as they will stretch out the shoulder. While there are some items you cannot wash, the ones you can should be washed with cold water, and with a minimal amount of detergent to prevent fading. Use a dryer sparingly- high heat fades and shrinks material so when possible, line dry cotton/silk and dry-flat/hang-dry knits.

(3) Ties & Shoes

Try using a tie rack in your wardrobe (or add to your belt rack), this means less creases so less ironing. Unknot ties before hanging them except for knitted ties, which should be rolled and stored in a drawer as they will stretch if hung. Furthermore, the number one must-do for shoes is waterproofing them with a wax, and taking the time to rub it in. Shining your shoes will help them last longer and protect the leather from dirt, salt, and moisture.