MUST HAVES | Streamlined Accessories Collection

Following on from the article on compiling your ultimate capsule wardrobe, accessories were deliberately excluded as they bring an extremely personal touch to an outfit. It is easy for any man to start building his own capsule wardrobe (just buy simple, classic and versatile pieces), but accessories are a little more difficult. There is a never ending selection to choose from and they come in a wide variety of colours, styles and patterns. So without further ado, read our compilation of the must have accessories every man needs in their collection. 


  • Formal Watch – In silver or gold.
  • Neutral Coloured Socks – In navy, black and grey.
  • Leather Belt – In black and brown leather to provide the finishing touch to any formal or smart-casual look.
  • Pocket Squares – Read our article on pocket squares for more tips on how to add a shot of colour to your outfits.

  • Tie Clip
  • Neutral Umbrella – Invest in a good quality, sturdy rain protector.
  • Pair of Sunglasses – Invest in a quality pair in a classic shape.
  • Medium Sized Leather Hold-all Bag – Big enough for a long weekend yet small enough to carry your gym clothes and work items during the weekdays without it looking embarrassingly empty.