TREND | Suits & Sneakers

The street style dons have spoken: trainers and tailoring are now sartorial, not scruffy. The aim of the sneakers and suits look is to take some of the formality away from your tailoring, switching up silhouettes and fabrics to make your outfit appear more relaxed. Read ahead to discover how to look more like Mark Ronson, and less like the guy in the office who switches to gym shoes for the commute. 

Keep Things Classic:

You’re making a statement with your shoes, so your suit shouldn’t. Start with a slim-cut, navy suit and white trainers – the more minimalist, the better. As with your ordinary work shoes, quality counts. Premium materials, traditional construction techniques and details such as hand-stitching allow you a little more aesthetic wiggle room.

Keep Colours Consistent:

The more links you can create between top and toe, the more these seemingly disparate elements gel. Colour is an easy way to pull your trainers into the rest of your look, but keep it subtle; if your suit’s navy, a pop of the same in a logo or lace is better than an all-blue trainer. Even subtler is pulling out a shade from your sneakers in your shirt or tie. Avoid any neon trainers and as a rule of thumb, it shouldn’t even be an option to exercise in the kind of trainers you wear to work.

Show off Your Sneakers:

With formal shoes, your trousers should hit your laces with a little bit of crease in the fabric in front of your shin (the ‘break’). But that’s because people aren’t eyeballing which brogues you’ve copped in the same way they do with trainers. Take some length out of your trousers, so the hem lands just above the tongue; a roll or turn-up is handy here if you’d rather not visit your tailor for a permanent alteration.