The classic t-shirt: the simple piece that screams comfort, relaxation and overall coolness. A must-have in any man’s wardrobe, the t-shirt comes in a multitude of shapes, colours and fits. Read ahead on which ones you need today.


·   Crew Neck – With a distinct round neckline, crew necks are probably what most men out there are used to wearing. They are great at being the base item for layering with sweaters, cardigans and shirts.


·   V-Neck – Very on trend right now, V-necks should be worn subtly (avoid looking like an Italian gigolo), with a V that is no more than a couple of inches. V-necks show more neck, elongating your silhouette and making you appear more relaxed. A grey, black and white V-neck are classic items you should have that you can rely on to go with anything.


·      Y-Neck – For the fashion forward guy, Y-necks have a button-up section that ends just below the chest. They are extremely versatile for layering as they can be buttoned to the top like a crew neck, or opened up like a V-neck.

Basic Techniques:

Depending on your style or mood of casual attire, there are a plethora of ways to utilise your t-shirts. For example, you could use the T-shirt as your base or anchor for the outfit which would mean using a simple tee layered under a statement piece (blazer/check shirt left open). This creates a great look that is held together in the middle by the neutral simple t-shirt. Additionally, you could wear one to bring life into an outfit that is otherwise very basic and monochromatic by using a bold statement colour.