HOW TO | Nail Modern Power Dressing

The concept of ‘power dressing’ is about demonstrating mastery, not flaunting your wealth or peacocking. It’s showing that you know how to play by the rules, and bend them to your will. It’s knowledge of what’s appropriate: not dressing like a teenager when you’re the boss, or ‘for the job you want’ when you’re still on coffee duty. Because knowledge, after all, is power. Read ahead on contemporary power dressing. Time to update your status.

Double Impact:

That classic power dressing staple, the pinstripe suit, is no longer on point. Even in conservative, tailoring-heavy environments, there is something a tad abrasive about a pinstripe suit. You’re telegraphing your ambition too loudly, and in casual workplaces, it is totally the wrong call. But for a power dressing commodity that’s rising in value, invest in a plain double-breasted jacket, whether a blazer or part of a suit. A double-breasted blazer takes skill, confidence and a perfect fit to pull off, which is why not many try. It’s a subtle but unmistakable flex that stands out just enough in the stuffiest boardroom – or trendiest ‘breakout space’. 

Good Timing:

Ask yourself: is your watch totally dialled into your outfit and surroundings? Do you understand the semiology of horology- what makes a timepiece formal or sporty, appropriate for a black tie event or a barbecue? An affordable watch, deployed expertly, trumps an expensive one worn badly. You don’t need to own an arm’s worth of watches: one good timepiece can suffice. But then you should have chosen it carefully, for maximum versatility.

Fresh Kicks:

Firstly, quality. You can tell a pair of well-made shoes the second they step into a room. And often the price difference to cheaply made isn’t that steep – especially if you consider that you will be replacing those cheaply made shoes inside of a year, as opposed to just getting them resoled (if that). This interlinks with the other factor: cleanliness, which is next to style godliness. A weekly clean will ensure that your shoes always look box-fresh.