HOW TO | Buy a Suit for Your Body Type

Whilst people come in all shapes and sizes, most ‘off the rack’ suits do not. A common dilemma amongst men is that they find a suit jacket that fits perfectly but the trousers are too baggy, too long in the leg or vice versa. Finding a perfect, well-fitting and well-rounded suit can be a tough job. Read ahead for our tips on finding the perfect suit for your body type.

For a Shorter/Taller Gentleman:

For the shorter gentleman, showing more cuff from the bottom of your jacket with lengthen your arms and make you seem more in proportion. Aim for a small break in your trousers as well as peak lapels and lower buttons on the jacket to lengthen your torso. Try to avoid wearing a belt to not break your body up too much. Conversely, for the taller gentleman, always opt for a two-button suit, showing a minimum amount of cuff from your jacket. A decent amount of break on your trousers will also help add width to your appearance.

For a Larger/Muscular Gentleman:

For the larger gentleman, stick to simple shirts in solid colours rather than striking prints and experiment with pocket squares to bring the focus to your chest instead of your stomach. Avoid skinny lapels or ties as these will only make you look wider. Nonetheless, muscular gentlemen should try two-button jackets to create a slimming appearance and it is strongly recommended that you take your suit jacket in on the sides to avoid excess fabric around your mid-section.

Know What a Tailor Can Do for You:

Avoid buying a jacket that doesn't fit properly in the shoulders, as these cannot be reduced or reshaped. However, most other issues relating to your suit jacket are easily fixable, including the length of sleeves and taking it in on the sides. For trousers, making them shorter or an inch tighter/looser is done with relative ease.