MUST HAVES | White T-shirt

This old faithful is not only your top wardrobe staple but also your most versatile. It dresses up, it dresses down and it is the blank canvas around which you can build any outfit. But this large range presents a wide margin for error. Read ahead on how to wear a white t-shirt wherever you are heading. 

Open Shirt + White T-shirt + Dark Jeans:

Layering is an art. And the white tee should be its canvas. Wear the t-shirt under an open casual shirt. There’s an element of tailoring involved, but the unbuttoned touch ensures your look is relaxed. Staples such as a white tee and black jeans anchor colour and prints, so feel free to also mix it up.

White T-shirt + Leather Jacket:

James Dean’s other uniform is the easiest way to introduce some edge to your wardrobe. Go for a crisp white crew neck underneath a classic leather jacket. Look for a jacket with a great fit and a nice balance of detailing – too few embellishments and your look is plain, too many and it can look overcrowded.

White T-shirt + Shorts + Bomber Jacket:

A t-shirt and shorts is most men’s default when the mercury creeps above 20 degrees. But it’s such a simple combo that it looks, well, default. It also forgets that the sun doesn’t shine quite as hard on your skin after work as it does at midday. The solution? A lightweight bomber for when it gets chilly in the evening.