HOW TO | Avoid Making Summer Style Mistakes

Rather than learn summer’s lessons through trial and sartorial error, educate yourself on the biggest missteps before the heat hits. Read ahead so you can keep your cool all season.

Reaching for the Wrong Trousers:

How soon you slip into shorts is a personal choice, but at some point in summer, you’ll have to wear trousers. Linen’s reputation as a summer staple comes courtesy of its tiny holes, which allow air to circulate. Light shades reflect heat, but that means you need a fabric with enough weight to avoid being see through. Alternatively, unlined cotton chinos also offer airflow.

Boy Racer:

Less is more, but only up to a point. If your outfit leaves more than half your body uncovered, best put something back on. Opt for a slightly oversized tee in cotton or linen, which offers breeziness and street cred. 

Laughing Sock:

Your feet are the first thing to suffer in the sun, and if you want to go ‘sockless’, look to truly invisible socks. These socks cover only toes, soles and heels, so no elasticated hems to ride up and destroy your streamlined outfit.