TREND | Summer Minimalism

Summer is the minimalist’s nightmare. As the streets explode in pattern and shade – think Hawaiian prints and pastels – stripped-back options become, well, minimal. So, when you only have shorts and t-shirts to play with, how do you look like you have made an effort?

Vary the Palette:

Minimalist does not mean boring. Colour play still reaps rewards – but when the sun’s out, swerve anything that is as bright. Think cool khakis, stones, beiges, rusts and even dusty pinks, which are all easy to mix and match. However, you still need to be aware of your skin tone. Khaki and navy look great on pale skin, while coffee, pinks and dusty pastels stand out well against darker complexions.

Keep Your Daywear Simple:

The summer months are perfect for the minimalist look. It doesn’t need to be complicated. All it takes is the right fit tee, a smarter short and a clean pair of white trainers set off with stylish sunglasses. Just look for breathable materials like cotton or linen to avoid accessorising with sweat patches.

Play With Fabrics:

Learn a lesson from your winter wardrobe: when you ditch colour, texture keeps your look interesting. So contrast your fabrics. A knitted shirt paired with linen trousers, or vice versa, adds variation without weighing you down.