HOW TO | Ace Smart Casual

The ‘smart casual’ dress code is a complicated choice that can be testing even to those fashion experts. So, what do you choose? Jeans? Sneakers? A tie? Is a tee too casual? Read ahead on our core tips to help you effortlessly ace that smart-casual look. 


The T-shirt:

A t-shirt can easily replace a collared shirt in a more business/formal outfit that you’ve worn in the past. Pair smart suit separates, or choose a blazer and chinos to combine with your tee, and enjoy a relaxed yet professional look for an evening party. Choose plain colours and let the rest of your outfit do the talking.


A stylish knit is a great casual piece that you can play with. Get creative with details and add your own flavour with a layered button shirt and a neat pair of chinos. As knits are bulky, keep the bottom half light and streamlined so the overall look doesn’t seem too chunky.

Styling Up Jeans: 

Jeans are usually a casual option, but with the right pairings, your hosts won’t even blink at your jeans pairing. Opt for slim-fitted dark wash jeans, and keep things sleek, minimal and clean. Wear a lighter blazer over your jeans, roll them up to reveal some ankle and choose a stylish leather shoe to top it all off.


A simple fashion sneaker can help enhance a style and give the rest of your formal look a fun edge. Make sure you aren’t using your daggy, dirty pair, and have a fresh, clean pair ready. Pair with chinos or trousers to keep the look endlessly stylish, and choose a neat or coloured shirt that gives you the “smart” touch.