HOW TO | Dress for Cup Day

The time has come again: another season of spring racing to dress up for. Whether you plan on dressing for the Melbourne Cup or have a local cup that you’re eager to get to, spring racing is a crowd favourite, and the perfect opportunity to show off your creative style. Read ahead for our tips on impressing at the races this year.


Be Bold with Colour:

Cup Day is all about bright and light colours, which will also help keep you cool during the hot day. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to style, colour and pattern, and Cup Day usually encourages attention-grabbing looks. If you’re on the adventurous side, try green or red accessories and a bright cobalt blazer. If you’re more conservative in your style, try a navy blazer paired with a neutral trouser.

Think About Separates:

You have plenty of freedom to experiment with colour coordination during the race season, so why not try experimenting with separates? Choose a neutral-toned pant with a fun-coloured blazer, or vice versa. Make sure your colour palette complements, not clashes.

Stay Safe in the Sun:

Sunny racing days are widely welcomed, but remember to be wary of those harsh UV rays. You don’t want to be stuck in a dark, dull suit that locks in the heat and leaves you sweating and exhausted throughout the day. Instead, opt for clothing that is lighter in colour, like a beige trouser or a neutral shirt in a lightweight fabric. Then, accessorise! Think sunglasses and hats for some stylish sun protection.

Smart, Polished Shoes:

Don’t settle for your standard footwear, and don’t skip on polishing your shoes. Try a neat, tan shoe to match your coloured suit, or opt for a stylish loafer that exudes effortless luxury.