HOW TO | Wear a Tie Bar

Tie bars give your outfit an extra layer of class and sophistication, but they also serve a practical purpose by holding your tie in place rather than having them flapping about in the wind and coming unravelled. As with all formalwear accessories, there are rules dictating how you should wear a tie bar, so read our handy guide ahead.


Stick to the Middle Ground:

It really is quite simple. The best place to clip on the tie bar is in around the centre of your chest, in line with your pocket square. Clipping it too low will mean that your tie billows out when you sit down, and having it too high means that it basically serves no purpose. An easy rule of them is to follow the between-third-and-fourth-button rule on your shirt.


Size Matters:

Ties come in many sizes and your tie bar needs to match. You never want your tie bar to be wider than the width of the tie, so if you regularly wear different sized ties it might pay to also have several different sized tie bars to go along with them. When it comes to determining what tie bar is right for your tie, the general consensus is that the bar should cover about three quarters of the width of the tie.