When it comes to your outfit, belts hold everything together (literally). Yet with so many different belts lining the shelves of menswear stores, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you. And belts are accessories that every man should have at least a few of — a formal belt will look a bit out of place around khaki shorts while out in the outdoors, and a casual belt will look tacky while wearing a suit. Read ahead for our ultimate guide to buying the belts you need. 


It’s All in the Hips:

Unlike buying pants, it might not be the best idea to buy your exact size when it comes to belts. Instead, consider going a few sizes up. That way, if you do end up losing weight and dropping a few sizes, you can always have some extra holes punched in your belt quite cheaply. The general rule of thumb is to go two sizes up from what your waist size is.

Don’t Forget about Width:

The width of your belt is also an important consideration. Narrow belts are considered more formal, while wider belts are generally preferred when it comes to casual outfits. There is no universal rule, but as a general guide a dress belt will be around 1-1/4″ or 3.4 cm in width, while wider casual belts will be closer to the 1-1/2″ or 3.9 cm mark.

Reverse It:

Black belts go with all outfits, but can sometimes come across as a bit formal. And brown belts are generally quite versatile too, but might be a bit on the nose when worn with certain colours that don’t quite match. So why not get a belt that’s both? Nowadays, many reversible belts that are brown on one side and black on the other come with buckles that can easily be swivelled around, conveniently meaning that you don’t need to remove it to switch sides.