MUST HAVES | Summer Smart Casual Style

Summer in Australia is a magical time of year when days are longer, beers are colder, music is louder and the nights are warmer. It’s a time of beer gardens, rooftop bars, beaches, road trips and positive vibes. It also serves as an ambiguous fashion grey area when it comes to guys dressing accordingly for certain venues. There are many popular drinking hotspots along the coast of every major city in Australia. Prime real estate locations which boast a beachside view, impressive rolling lawn and a rooftop to boot. These are the types of places everyone wants to be on a summer night, but you have to dress the part.


What Does Smart Casual Even Mean?

This is a horribly subjective description that has been confusing guests since the dawn of dress codes. Is it casual? Or is it smart? Do I wear one half fancy and the other half not? What if I’m more smart than casual or vice versa? Whilst smart casual can be interpreted differently depending on the context, the cultural environment and the type of event, it can typically be deemed to refer to a neat but overall informal style.

Keep it Classy, Yet Relaxed:

If you’re headed to some of the laid back, yet classy establishments on the beachfront, then you must match your outfit accordingly. Casual board shorts with a printed pattern are a great option as they bridge that divide between being informal and stylish. Pair this with a nice shirt, roll up the sleeves and loosen the buttons to deal with the heat, and you’re the walking embodiment of conversational class. Choose a pattern for one item one item of clothing or the other, and keep its counterpart neat and minimalistic.

Don’t Slack on the Shoes:

I know you were hoping to break last summer’s record for most amount of days in a row without wearing shoes, but your thongs just won’t cut it at a fancy coastal watering hole. This doesn’t mean you must face the sweaty man’s nightmare that is socks, but you’re going to have to up your shoe game just a little. Get your hands on a timeless pair of loafers or boat shoes and add them to your short and shirt combo. They’re perfectly acceptable to wear sockless and typically afford a degree of breathability through their open weave design.