TREND | Mismatched Suits

Acing the art of suit separates can be tricky, but once you have the basics down, you will be able to create a unique look in no-time. If you’re a man with an eye for colour and keen to take on the challenge of pairing the right separates on your own, then read on to find out a few of our tips for getting that great look.


Pick Your Separates:

Firstly, don’t assume every piece in your suit collection can be used as a separate. Certain patterns such as pinstripe probably shouldn’t be separated, unless you are an expert at styling. For starters, try picking a few solid colours and a couple classic pattern pieces.

Keep it in the Family:

Make sure you are picking colours that are of similar tones. Don’t opt for warm coloured red pants with a cool coloured navy jacket, as this will only look clashed and you play the risk of looking like your kid dressed you this morning. Instead, choose a cool navy jacket and a cool, neutral trouser. Opt for all warm tones, or all cool tones, and keep your colour palette fairly complemented.

One Risk at a Time:

Opting for separates is already opting for a look that might not be necessarily tailored to match. So, when you’re picking your separates, make sure to only pick one contrast, to avoid any unnecessary clashing. If you have a patterned jacket, a safe bet is to choose a solid pant. Or, if you’re going for solid on solid, then choose only one colour to be the contrast piece, and make the other piece is a more quiet, complemented colour.