HOW TO | Accessorise Your Outfits

Do you remember when you were a kid and you just simply had to have those bicycle spoke clackers that everyone in your neighbourhood was rocking? Or if you were a little alternative, you’d bust out the colourful streamers from the ends of your BMX’s handlebars. Whilst these accessories might have ultimately been pointless, they transformed your generic looking bike into something that was yours. The same goes for men’s fashion. Anybody can buy a suit and blend in to the hordes of other generic black and white outfits seen at the races or at weddings like a Men in Black convention. What takes true style is the way you accessorise said suit to stand out from the crowd.


Treat Your Suit Like a Blank Slate:

Just like in COD when you purchase the latest assault rifle for your character, you’re not not going to kit it out with all the modifications you can. When it comes to your suit, however, instead of extended mags, recoil suppressors and red dot scopes, you’re going to want to mod your wrist, waste and feet.

Start Off With a Watch:

In an age of smartphones where we literally carry the time around in our pockets at all times, wristwatches have started to become redundant. Whilst they might not always get used for their primary function, they still serve as an immensely popular accessory for both men and women. Having more than one watch, with different band colours and face types to match your outfit is a good idea to accessories each outfit accordingly.

Belts are a Must:

Whilst the black skate belt might have done the trick during your Macca’s employee days, it simply won’t do. Having no belt at all is another big no-no and makes it look like you forgot to dress yourself properly. Choose a couple of different belts to suit your varying outfits. Black doesn’t go with everything and sometimes a brown option is a much better compromise.

Don’t Forget the Shoes:

Shoes say a lot about a man. Depending on whether your shoes blend with the rest of your outfit, your choice could either make or break your look. This is why it’s always a good idea to invest in a handful of dress shoes in different styles and colours so you can match your accessories accordingly.