HOW TO | Complement Your Significant Other’s Style

When you’re in a relationship you need to make a lot of compromises, including upping your fashion game. Clueless as to what we mean? Read ahead on how to attain the ‘power couple’ title and complement your SO’s style. 


Dress to Match Formality:

When it comes to dressing to match your partner, this does not mean pull a Spears and Timberlake fiasco and rock up to your next social event together in all denim. It also does not mean shop around for clothes that look creepily similar or you’ll end up looking like siblings. Your primary goal is to simply match the level of formality your partner is attaining. So, if she’s going all out for her friend’s birthday and wearing a jaw-dropping, slim fit, red cocktail dress, your acid washed denim jeans and extra low cut crew tee just isn’t going to cut it. At the other extreme of the spectrum, if you’re going to casual night out with your friends and your partner decides to dress appropriately, don’t make her look like a fool and wear a dinner jacket, dress shirt and leather shoes.


Learn Complimentary Colours:

Another tip when it comes to dressing with your partner as a single unit (again, not identical for the love of God), is to use complimentary colours to your advantage. I’m talking your blues and greens, whites and blacks and warmer colour combinations. This can be subtle too. For example, if you’re going to the races, colour coordinate with an electric blue tie and pocket square to compliment your partner’s blue dress.