HOW TO | Show off Your Personality

Many people enjoy being unique with their style and making a statement that reflects a snippet of their personality. This does not mean you must resort to wearing outfits comprised entirely of outrageous or garbage like pieces just to find an outfit that nobody else could possibly be wearing. Read ahead for our tips on incorporating your personality into your style.


Business at the front, party everywhere else:

Just because you’re required to conform with your co-workers into another faceless office drone, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun with your wardrobe. It might not be anything dramatic, but even incorporating some socks with a fun print is a great way to show some personality. Plus, what better way to seduce Georgia from Accounts than by hitching up your pant leg and showing off those killer Pacman socks?

Floral is the new black:

For events that aren’t strictly black tie, try mixing things up with a vibrant floral tie or poppy seed bow tie. Such items serve as great statement pieces and help showcase your particular style without being over the top. For a truly eye-popping effect, try pairing your floral accessory with a plain blazer or shirt for the greatest impact.